Problem with Stripe

From the very begging I am using Stripe as my only payment gateway but a few days ago they send me an email that says, they can not take any payment for my website because of several unauthorized and high-risk credit card has been used on my website. A few days back on November 22nd, 3 customers bought 4 products on my website. They paid with credit cards and stripe accepted/captured their payments. In my dashboard Payout tab, it was showing stripe will get those payments on into my bank on November 27th. November 27 I got notification from my bank that I have got a deposit from Stripe. In stripe, I have set daily withdrawal so when stripe cleared those credit card payment they deposited that amount into my bank. So November 28 I have placed orders to AliExpress and my website automatically updated my customers about their order. Right after 2 or 3 hours of placing those order, I found stripe placed a hold on that deposit they made on November 27th. So I logged in to Stripe and found those 3 customers placed unauthorized payment activities notice and Stripe refunded their money instantly without notifying me or asking any question to the customer. Even stripe doesn't allow me to create a dispute. When I send an email to them they simply said because of several unauthorized and highrisk credit card used on my website they are sorry and from now on they are unable to provide their service to my website.

Now the situation is I lost my money, products, and now unable to do business properly! Stripe is just a blind one sided gateway. Even it's their duty to check credit card validity, and authorization. When someone can pay with unauthorized credit card and gateway blaming the Marchant for that, that cannot be a good business or preferred payment gateway.

Anyone have any other solution? I know PayPal is better but not for all. Can AliDropship give us something else which is safe, like PayPal and easy to use, like Stripe?