1. S

    Need help with Stripe, want to add afterpay to my website.

    Hi legends, hope you are doing great. Recently stripe has started to add other payment options. Afterpay is one of it. Afterpay is buy now pay later option for the customers. so my default currency is setup in USD, but I live in Australia. and my stripe account is registered in australia. so...
  2. ShaysPlay

    How can we activate Stripe as Payment Provider on Shopify store (non-US resident) with verified Stripe Account?

    *I'm not sure if this is the correct platform to post this, but any advice would be greatly appreciated* I'm looking for some advice on activating Stripe as the Payment Provider on my Shopify store. I've got a verified Stripe account so it's just the issue of getting Shopify to add Stripe as...
  3. C

    Paypal Payments on HOLD...why?

    Hello friends, I tried couple of test payments (on PAYPAL) on my website before opening it to public. All the payments are on HOLD in Paypal. Do you know the reason? Which payment gateway would you recommend ? Regards Som
  4. A

    Payment options

    Hello, I am creating my store but I am not registered as a business. What payment options can I add to my website. I'm a foreigner where I live and registration is quite difficult. What affordable payment options can I use to receive card payment without a business registration. Thank you
  5. daniel-97

    Stripe For Unsupported Countries (Solution: Stripe + Transferwise)

    I tested and successfully integrated Stripe to my website and with the help of some friends, did some tests and all the payments went through. Here's what I did: Step 1: Register for Transferwise's Multi-currency Account (link) - Register a Personal account (or Business if you want to fill out...
  6. K

    Need for USA address

    Hi, I am a newbie and I need assistance with some issues; (1). I have Stripe connected to my store but do I need a US address for the store too? If I do, do I also need to register the business in the US? I don't live in the US (2). What tax challenges am I likely to face in either of the two...
  7. A

    Pricing Formula

    Hello, as I'm new to all dropshipping both website and plugin I would like to hear from you. As for the pricing formula of the Alidropship plugin how do you handle it? I'm asking because the final price should be: seller price + shipping costs + payment gateways fees + profit margin This...
  8. J


    I know about . Unfortunately, my 1st stripe account was closed! But i created a new one with a new website. Also i have tasted the 2nd one, is working properly. But now my confusion is -(without telling stripe team) : 1.Can we use the same stripe keys...
  9. D

    Stripe blocks most payments

    Hi all, I recently took over an AliDropship store and set up a new account with Stripe to take payments. My Stripe account is fully verified. However, their fraud system "Radar" blocks most charges for being high risk, in part due to the fact that AliDropship doesn't pass the billing address...
  10. Morgan

    Why did Stripe close the integration with our WooCommerce store, and what payment alternatives are there?

    Hi. My team and I have been working to create a website for drop-shipping the previous weeks. Everything was coming along nicely, with Stripe set up and test payments successfully made. When out of the blue, I receive an alarming message from Stripe informing us that our website is considered...
  11. R

    Stripe error on cart page

    Hi guys, I'm checking out how the alidropship plugin works and I'm testing it on a dumb website. When I am at the checkout page I get the following error. I obviously use stripe as payment gateway and my account is verified and fully working. I am using test API key but I get the same error...
  12. AryanShirani

    Starting to use Stripe

    Hi, few days ago i have created an account with stripe, but i don't understand if my account is verified and i can start earning money with it. What i should check ? Thanks a lot!
  13. Abu Saeed Mohammad Sayem

    Problem with Stripe

    From the very begging I am using Stripe as my only payment gateway but a few days ago they send me an email that says, they can not take any payment for my website because of several unauthorized and high-risk credit card has been used on my website. A few days back on November 22nd, 3 customers...
  14. Zeev Dzialoshinsky


    Since I update my WP to version 4.8.1 any one who want to buy product and he choose Stripe Credit Card after he filling his address and personal details he have to click "proceed to Pay" instead of going to fill credit card details page he getting into a loop and he need to fill his address and...
  15. D

    received notification "You have passed a blank string for 'source' ..."

    To Who It May Concern, I just tried to place an order on our site using STRIPE (credit card) as the payment method. All fields were completed and went I selected the "Proceed to Pay" button. I received the following notification "You have passed a blank string for 'source''. You should remove...
  16. tamzy

    Adding Bitcoin to Stripe

    Hi there, I am using Stripe as my credit card processor. I know that you can add Bitcoin as a payment option for customers when you are using Stripe. How do I add this to my checkout form?
  17. jeighseauxn

    Problems when checking out

    Hello, I'm needing some help with my checkout page. So when you add items to the cart and fill out the shipping information and click "proceed to checkout" the page refreshes and clears all the boxes, and I get a error message that say's "Setting payment not found or type undefined". I've...
  18. M

    Stripe Payment not accepting cards after upgrade/update

    Hi Guys, I've noticed that I have started to get a lot of people abandoning the cart during credit card purchases after testing myself I found I could not enter any card details when I click Credit Card. I have updated to the latest Wordpress and AliDropship. I have also updated Stripe API Id...
  19. Ankit

    Help regarding Payment options.

    I am currently residing in India and if you guys are not aware of then let me tell you that Stripe still isn't available in my country. So, I'll be glad if somebody helped me to let me know about any alternate solution and how it's going to affect my new dropshipping site over stripe. Thanks.
  20. Hussam

    I am STUCK???

    Hi everyone Ok so last February was my 17th birthday and as a gift from my parents I received 950 dollars (I dunno why they couldn't add 50 more so don't ask) plus they opened me a bank account. In the next few days I started pursing my dream which is to have my own clothing brand but I had to...