received notification "You have passed a blank string for 'source' ..."


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To Who It May Concern,

I just tried to place an order on our site using STRIPE (credit card) as the payment method. All fields were completed and went I selected the "Proceed to Pay" button. I received the following notification "You have passed a blank string for 'source''. You should remove the 'source' parameter from your request or supply a non-blank value.

Not sure what this means. When we initially completed a purchase test everything was fine.

Please advise



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If you have Woo version, try another theme and clear your cache. If you have Cloudflare, then disable the Rocket Loader if it's enabled and purge the cache and try again. If this isn't fixed, try to contact Stripe first as these error usually come from the payment gateway so they will be able to tell you how to fix respectively what is causing this issue.

If they didn't help you, simply contact the alidropship support


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Glad to help :)

If you want the use of Rocket Loader, them changing the theme might achieve that.