payment method

  1. Thordesign

    Payment procedure

    Good morning, I come to you hoping to find some help... I finally have my first order! When clicking on "place order automatically' I follow the process which asks me to add the delivery address (I therefore enter the address of the customer who ordered on my site). Then comes the choice of the...
  2. daniel-97

    Stripe For Unsupported Countries (Solution: Stripe + Transferwise)

    I tested and successfully integrated Stripe to my website and with the help of some friends, did some tests and all the payments went through. Here's what I did: Step 1: Register for Transferwise's Multi-currency Account (link) - Register a Personal account (or Business if you want to fill out...
  3. wallacemix

    Payment method

    Would implementing the PicPay payment system for Dropshipping in Brazil be difficult? I say because it is a better option than PagSeguro, here it is very difficult to work with Pagseguro, and Paypal almost nobody uses, the most used as a payment system are: MercadoPago and PicPay. And PicPay...
  4. M

    Payment Gateway for Middle East

    Is there anyone who has success of doing payment gateway for Middle East. I've had terrible experience with Strip and 2checout payment gateway. No other payment gateways are supporting my country, there are payment gateways who are charging you in Euro and rates are too high. i would appreciate...
  5. G

    Paylike not accepting individuals as they say they are?

    Hey, Can someone that was accepted by Paylike, guide me what he changed on his site, because I changed everything that they want, in their website requirements page but didn't accept me? Regards,
  6. Moha

    G2A payment gateway

    Is integration available for G2A gateway? Looks like this can be a nice alternate for Stripe to receive US payments, and they allow withdrawal via paypal.
  7. mushrukh

    Two Payment Gateway with Two Different currency

    Hi Integerated 2 payment gateway on alidrop standard version Paypal ( for International Use) and Instamojo (for Indian Customers as they cant pay through paypal ) . But only one can run smoothly and I am stuck I don`t Know what to do. Any Help? or any suggestion?
  8. Hammad Hussain

    One2Pay Merchant Account

    Hello anyone using for payment processing.
  9. Hammad Hussain

    Payment Gatewats for Pakistani User

    Hello forum members, I have purchased the alidropship plugin and almost completed my e-commerce store development but I am stuck on payments options don't know which one is best and easy to approve for Pakistani users, As many of you know that Paypal doesn't allow Pakistani users so this is...
  10. D

    received notification "You have passed a blank string for 'source' ..."

    To Who It May Concern, I just tried to place an order on our site using STRIPE (credit card) as the payment method. All fields were completed and went I selected the "Proceed to Pay" button. I received the following notification "You have passed a blank string for 'source''. You should remove...
  11. Ankit

    Help regarding Payment options.

    I am currently residing in India and if you guys are not aware of then let me tell you that Stripe still isn't available in my country. So, I'll be glad if somebody helped me to let me know about any alternate solution and how it's going to affect my new dropshipping site over stripe. Thanks.
  12. neeraj89

    Paypal business or personal account?

    Hey Guys, Do i need a business account or personal is ok? will paypal objects, if i receive recurring payments under personal paypay ac? Please share your experiences.. Thanks.