Get Your Payment gateway | solved


Today i am here to give back to the community.

Been a member for a long time i decide to Solve payment gateway issues like Paypal, Stipe, 2checkout and many more. When i started dropshipping, i face many rejections, lack of cross border payments was also a barrier for me which forced me to close my first store.

Now more, i run 2 cool stores without an worries of payment getting blocked, disabled or what ever.

Read carefully:

Disclaimer: If you need a gateway for your self, fully verified then, this would be a paid service and it is one of charge.
Disclaimer 2: All accounts are fully verified and ready to work with any dropshipping store, without restrictions.

Gateways include:

-Paypal Fully verified Business Account
-Coinbase commerce

and many more.

-First consult with me, so i know you needs, payment gateway creation will be based on case by case basis.
-Delivery time is 3-4days.

For faster respoonse, You can reach me on my telegram handle @jifops
Or simple message me directly on here.

Wishing you all success.


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Hi unfortunately I am unable to connect telegram right now I can contact Whatsapp now and DM?


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Hi I am from Pakistan I need PayPal account for my store. Plz tell me your what's app no?

As PayPal does not operate in Pakistan so you will need a bank account from OUTSIDE your country to get verified PayPal Account in Pakistan.


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Thanks I also tried 2 checkout but its not approve my account why I don't know.

Probably you didn’t provide the information they asking for ..

In your worst case scenario use Payoneer.

I don’t personally like it but for Pakistan it will be ok.