payment gateway issue

  1. mrkapable

    Get Your Payment gateway | solved

    Today i am here to give back to the community. Been a member for a long time i decide to Solve payment gateway issues like Paypal, Stipe, 2checkout and many more. When i started dropshipping, i face many rejections, lack of cross border payments was also a barrier for me which forced me to...
  2. M

    Payment Gateways Problems

    Hi guys, I just done with customization of website etc etc etc. . My only concern is the Payment Gateways that's the only thing that stopping me from launching. well I tried 2checkout, stripe, but didnt work...i dont know what to do. huhu! its been 2 weeks since I've been searching for payment...
  3. K

    Need a Help with Payment Getaway

    Hello Folk I'm having a headache with payment getaways. I'm living Sri Lanka and I tried to apply for Bluesnap & 2checkout but those companies just a joke. Paypal doesn't work properly here in Sri Lanka too. Do you guys have any experience integrate different payment getaways for Alidropship...
  4. J


    I know about . Unfortunately, my 1st stripe account was closed! But i created a new one with a new website. Also i have tasted the 2nd one, is working properly. But now my confusion is -(without telling stripe team) : 1.Can we use the same stripe keys...
  5. T

    Payment gateways for Sri Lanka?

    Hi, what are my available options for payment gateways if I'm based in Sri Lanka?
  6. stevenluong

    Problem with Payment Gateway !

    Hi everybody , I had a problem with my payment gateway in the images below . Hope someone will help me to fix it . This is my first sale :(( Thank you very much for your help !
  7. giorgi3092

    Tired of not being able to use VISA/Mastercard payment gateway

    As you all know, unless you live in the US, it is either too costly or simply unavailable to use Stripe as a CC payment gateway. I've been using Alidropship for 2 months now and it keeps me up at night when I remember how big carts were dropped at the checkout, very likely due to the CC payment...
  8. P

    Payment options not working

    Hi.. I am preparing my website to run soon, but as i was about to update my payments, I found out that it's not opening! I already sign out and in , Clear my caches, use different browsers but not a chance! anybody knows what to do? UPDATE****: Problem solved! I have learned a new things! in...
  9. A

    Help paypal express fail?or not?

    Hi, why most of my customers try to buy orders are trying to pay via PayPal Express and most said abandoned ??? Same happens to others?
  10. Boeing777


    When I try to buy any addon, neither is Paypal working for me, nor is my internationally active credit card. See the attached screens and advice what needs to be done. Thanks.
  11. M

    Payment Gateway for Middle East

    Is there anyone who has success of doing payment gateway for Middle East. I've had terrible experience with Strip and 2checout payment gateway. No other payment gateways are supporting my country, there are payment gateways who are charging you in Euro and rates are too high. i would appreciate...
  12. CP Value House

    Array ( [error] => cURL error 28: Connection timed out after 10001 milliseconds )

    I don't know know if any one has run into this issue when accepting payments. I am using both PayPal and Stripe to take payments on my website, but it seems that there is an issue with the payments being authorized by either, Upon review of my activities list in the AliDropship Dashboard I...