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CP Value House

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I don't know know if any one has run into this issue when accepting payments.

I am using both PayPal and Stripe to take payments on my website, but it seems that there is an issue with the payments being authorized by either,

Upon review of my activities list in the AliDropship Dashboard I received the following message


When I clicked for further detail as to what the problem I saw this message:


The biggest issue is that I have been losing business to people not being able to place their order due to their cards being declined. I thought initially that Stripes RADAR was helping block bad transaction. But upon seeing the customer's insistence in trying to purchase an item 17 times. I became curious and tried purchasing an item myself. To my surprise my card was also declined, I tried both Stripe and PayPal (Credit Card INPUT Option).

I am no developer, just simply trying to make my site work as well as provide my costumers a great experience. It seems I've created more of a headache than anything else.

If anyone can help especially in the AliDropship development team, it would be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,
CP Value House