Aliexpress Doesn't Accept Paypal?


I recently ran a test sale and had a friend purchase a product of my site. When i went to process the order it sends me to the product checkout page on Aliexpress. However, there is no where to enter paypal information so i can process the sale on the ali express end.This has become an obstacle for me because i would have to purchase the product from aliexpress with part of the customers funds that are in my Paypal. Few questions i have.

1. Does Aliexpress not accept Paypal?
2. If it doesnt what is a workaround.
AliExpress stopped accepting PayPal because of their fees. They do accept credit cards.

In my case;
(1) A customer buys.
(2) I order the product(s) with my credit card and the product is dropshipped. Responsibility with the customer is completed.
(3) Then I transfer the PayPal amount to my bank (takes 1 to 3 days).
(4) I pay my credit card from my bank with the transferred funds before 25 days to avoid interests on the purchase(s). Responsibility with my card is completed.
(5) The difference is mine, either left in my bank or in my PayPal account.
Some sellers on AliExpress accept PayPal, but not all -- so yes, you have to figure out a different payment method in those cases. I use PayPal when I can (even though the seller often tacks on a fee), otherwise credit card...