ali dropship

  1. C

    Store Manager's Guide

    Hiring Assistant Product Manager Where will I find employees? alidropship What is the most popular platform? What are the ways to profit in the store or blog? Any ideas, other than commission? Thanks for your valuable information
  2. ProAxis

    Home Lifestyle Store in Growing Niche + Marketing + Social Leads

    Miles Modern is a Home Lifestyle Store offering currently trending products in the Aromatherapy and Kitchenware Niche - Bed & Bath and Home & Garden Decor have excellent up-sell potential for long term engagement with your Audience 4 Day Shipping - Excellent Supplier Customer Support - Great...
  3. E

    Error : Order page pot loading properly

    hi, i am using alidropship + davinci on Chrome + Windows 7 system. Today suddenly i encountered this order page, which does not seem to load properly. my plugin and theme are up to date. i also found this error in my older site (which no longer in active service).
  4. ruvi

    Product Variation Swatches images appear low quality in mobile version [ Flatsome theme ] Any Solutions ?

    I have flatsome theme installed website... in the mobile version, I have a problem with variation switches images low-quality issues... some variations have better quality, but some of the variations do have not better quality... in the Web version, quality is totally fine ... does anyone know...
  5. ruvi

    FIXED!!! Reviews Page Add-On by AliDropship [ Fix Country Flag not Loading Properly ] Crashed Country Flags ...

    I recently bought your plugin called Reviews Page Add-On by AliDropship...but flags are corrupted... I cleaned the browser cache, flushed the host cache, but nothing changed .. always Country flags are not loading... I asked this support team several times to fix this but had no positive answer...
  6. ruvi

    Currency Switcher for Woocommerce Flatsome Theme CSS [ Alidropship currency switcher ]

    I am using flatsome theme for Woocommerce, so I was struggling with CSS, my alidropship currency switcher. so however I finally re-customized the currency switcher style with helping of this forum ... this is how I made it with simple CSS... so this might be helpful to someone ... Change colors...
  7. kdb

    Add Status Delivered

    Dear ADS Team, Please add status Delivered before completed, so we have more clear status like warranty covrage and so on. I hope it is helpfull for everyone. @Yaros @Nadezhda @Dimitriy Strekalov @George Murdasov @chris37 regards, kdb
  8. A

    All product prices change arbitrarily downwardly

    Hi, Please I urgently need assistance to solve this pressing issue in my store. I think the plugin is working wrongly as I notice today that all my product prices have changed to $0 . all effort by me to rectify this prove abortive. kindly assist me in fixing this problem.
  9. B

    Shopify ali dropshipping HELP

    Hi all This is my first post so I'm sorry if I've posted in the wrong place. I am considering purchasing a premium store. I have been watching video after video and now I'm a bit confused.. Do I need to use shopify for ali dropship premium store? Is Shopify a competitor of ali dropship or do...
  10. G

    Products limit

    I am currently in the final stages before building a professional online store, which will import products using the “dropshipping” method. It is currently planned that the site will be built in a wocommerce system, with the “Alidropship”. The plan is to importtens of thousands (and more) of...
  11. mushrukh

    Alidropship Woo Plugin with CJ Dropshipping

    Hi ! I hope you all are safe and sound! I am thinking to use Ali woo plugin with CJ dropshipping rather than Aliexpress obviously because of the fast shipping and a good dropshipping supplier. I know there is NO integration of Alidropship Woo with CJ Dropshipping and I have to do manually...
  12. Chella

    Alidropship need to give some attention for Payment gateway solution

    Last one month, We are trying to register in payment gateway for card acceptance in our website. unfortunately no improvement. Payment gateway are asking us to provide the past sales/transaction history. we don't know, How are they expecting this from a newly started site. Alidropship pulgin...
  13. S

    Unable to access Alidropship dashboard

    I have been unable to enter my Alidropship dashboard, i keep getting "Your session was locked to another IP Address. Please login again." I have deactivated my security and i still get that. However, i am able to access reports, orders etc just not dashboard. Can you help please?
  14. nardog03

    Change The Look Of The Product Review Layout

    Hey Alidropship Team, I think you should look at changing the layout of the Alidropship review. Looking at reviews platforms like Loox or Ryviu they have helped many other stores in its conversion rate by changing they display for the reviews to be shown in a grid format instead of the standard...
  15. malikycole88

    Add Product Specification To Description

    hey everyone i was wondering is there a feature to while importing products to move the Product Specification To Description
  16. B

    Aliexpress Doesn't Accept Paypal?

    Hello, I recently ran a test sale and had a friend purchase a product of my site. When i went to process the order it sends me to the product checkout page on Aliexpress. However, there is no where to enter paypal information so i can process the sale on the ali express end.This has become an...
  17. F

    Products cannot import in alidropship

    Hello AliDropship Team I bought your alidropship woo plugin but at start for one day it was working fine but on the second day it is not working at all i can import products from aliexpress Issue 1) i can import products from aliexpress website but i products are no displaying on WordPress...
  18. sattishviswanath

    Shocking News about AliExpress.

    Experts Kindly Clarify. Cheaper online goods from Chinese e-tailers like Club Factory, Shien and Aliexpress may become a thing of past as government is considering to impose restrictions on online purchases of goods from Chinese ecommerce platforms and apps to reduce the adverse impact on local...
  19. S


    I noticed that when I drop ship to a customer I am being charged taxes on the order. I am also collecting taxes as well. Which means I am getting hit twice. I have a business license for the state I have nexxus in and collect.
  20. M

    HELP siteground hosting with ali dropship plugin

    Hi all, im new here and i have direckly a problem. My hosting is SITEGROUND and i bought the ali dropship woocommerce plugin and i don ´t get it working. Somebody can help me out maybe with team viewer? thanks a lot Marcel