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A lot of sellers on AliExpress already do free shipping. There are SO many sellers there selling the same stuff, you can just deal with the ones that do free shipping. I don't see how what you want is really neccessary. :)
I am sorry if you have misunderstood my question.

Let me repeat the question

Spend $$ amount on our store and Get Free Shipping? How can i set this feature in our plugin?

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I am sorry if you have misunderstood my question....
I didn't misunderstand your question. English is my native language, lol ... but I'm sorry if you misunderstood my answer. :)

How can i set this feature in our plugin?
I'm pretty sure you can't set it as an option in the current plugin. You'll have to request it as a feature in a future release. But it sounds a bit messy to me considering we're using multiple sellers. You'll have to do it manually. But like I said ... with so many AliExpress sellers offering free shipping ... why bother? Why create extra unneccessary work for yourself?

I'd say that store wide Free Shipping on EVERYTHING for ALL orders would be a bigger incentive to buy than just free shipping when you spend $50!

But I'm new to this plugin .. so what do I know? lol
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By doing the method what i had explained, you can literally increase the order value per purchase.
I agree. Artificially creating shipping/handling costs, and even giving "free" shipping triggers shoppers into buying more.
After all, a buyer feels like he's saving money by buying more items.
Even if they just spend an additional $5 to cheat out of the $4,95 shipping costs, it's a good deal.

Your net margin might be slightly lower due to the purchase price of the $5 item, but your buyer will feel like having gotten an awesome deal.

Definitely something I'd like to see implemented!