Shipped Order Status Plugin for WooCommerce Sites

We've completed preparing our shipping status plugin for distribution. We make different plugins to solve issues we have and decided to make them available. Since we have these issues, we thought others may also find our solutions useful.

Here is some information about the Shipping Order Status plugin for WooCommerce powered sites.

Shipped Order Status for WooCommerce
Adds a new shipped status to the WooCommerce order page. Allows you to mark your order as completed when you place your order. Once the product has shipped, you set the order to 'Shipped'. This allows you to keep track of what orders have been received, orders that are placed or preparing for shipment and orders that have shipped.

Shipped Order Status Features
  • Shipped Order Icon for quick review of order status
  • Adds a new order status so you can sort by Shipped orders
  • Orders in Shipped status correctly calculate on the WooCommerce reports pages
  • Change multiple orders to Shipped with Bulk Actions
  • Sends Shipped Order Status update to customer
  • Easily edit the custom note in the Shipped Order email