1. salemzaid1

    Bing Ads Conversion Tracking

    Anybody know how to set up the tracking code for Bing Ads? Currently, only got my conversion set up to track the /thankyou page. But I would like to track purchase value and such. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. the_lyall

    Cool tracking widget for Order View page

    I found a cool FREE tracking widget which is really easy to add for AliDropship, works for all carriers (full list available of the website) and works like this: I just added it to a site I'm working on. All you need to do is this: Install the free plugin Real-Time Find and...
  3. the_lyall

    How to add a Cainiao tracking page (unbranded) to your site

    I’ve seen a few different posts about this while searching for a solution myself so I’ve made my own solution and thought I’d share it here. There are a few reasons why I wanted to use Cainiao rather than 17Track: 17Track includes ads on the page which show on your site if you use an iframe...
  4. C

    Cainiao Order Tracking on My Account Page for Woo

    Hello, I came across this post where integrating Cainiao on the tracking orders page was being discussed: I am facing a similar problem. I have seen that it's possible to use tracking more's embed box on your...
  5. B

    /track-your-order/ page - issue

    @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova I received many complaints from customer that the does not give the tracking info. This sometimes leads to refund claim from customer. I have no problem with Is it possible to change the track your order page to
  6. L

    Tracking Options And Ali Order Event Emails

    I have posted before on this subject but I had a few different questions and time has moved on. It's a big time drain for me to check aliexpress orders. I get a lot of emails from them (Ali Express) and feel the need to check them against orders because I don't want an order to finish if...
  7. E

    Account retrieval tool

    Hi all! We rely heavily on the ali account retrieval tool to look up which account was used to place an order, so that we can look up status and track & trace. The last month or so, ali has introduced the new order numbers...
  8. O

    Tracking service for customer

    Hi everyone! When we send item to our customer, there is a tracking ID & service that enables customer to follow up with the item delivery updates...I need to ask, will the tracking service mention about Aliexpress website to our customer? Intentionally or unintentionally, both are not good...
  9. sattishviswanath

    Regarding the Dropshipping parcel package

    Hello, First of all. I'm very new to dropshipping I sell a product in my online store (Eg: that Dropships by AliExpress My big doubt is that while my customer receives the product will it look like the one shipped from AliExpress(label) or label with my online store (Eg...
  10. ahmadtalal0786

    Tracking page shortcode Deosnt work

    Hello, I tried to add tracking page to my website. I have created a new page and added [ads-track] shortcode. when i published and checked the page then it doesnt show anything except the shortcode itself, Can you please tell me how to rectify this? Thanks
  11. S

    Question on tracking

    I sent a test order (to get a sample of the product) to myself to see how the plugin works from a customer perspective and to test shipping times. The issue I have is on the order form the customer would receive, it shows the tracking ID. I do not want them to see that information. How can...
  12. G

    AliDropship Tracking Shortcode Not Working

    1. I have looked at all of the information I could find on here and from what I can tell the built-in tracking shortcode (that works with 17track) does not work with the WooCommerce version at this time. Is this correct? 2. Assuming it is correct, I need to find a WooCommerce tracking plugin...
  13. Anonymous451

    Shipped Order Status Plugin for WooCommerce Sites

    We've completed preparing our shipping status plugin for distribution. We make different plugins to solve issues we have and decided to make them available. Since we have these issues, we thought others may also find our solutions useful. Here is some information about the Shipping Order Status...
  14. Moussdog

    AfterShip with Alidropship Plugin

    Hey, I would suggest to add AfterShip to alidropship Plugin ( not the woo version) because it's so much easier to Understand from a customers standpoint , I get a lot of complaints about 17 track... I saw that Wish use this solution and look so great on their app! That's it, Thank you
  15. anonymous1971

    New Aftership tracking service added

    Hello. Thanks for this but where can i find any information how to set this up?