/track-your-order/ page - 17track.net issue

@Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova

I received many complaints from customer that the 17track.net does not give the tracking info.
This sometimes leads to refund claim from customer.

I have no problem with Cainiao.com.

Is it possible to change the track your order page to Cainiao.com?

Victoria Kudryashova

Staff member
@Victoria Kudryashova

I already done that. That setting only impact the link in the email notification.
My concern is the track your order page that is created using the [ads-track] code. By default the [ads-track] only support 17track.net
I found a solution from trackingmore at https://www.trackingmore.com/embed_box_float.html and embed it in the my page.
Not sure whether there is any limitations in term of max searches.
It would be good if Alidropship plugin can allow customizing the tracking page.