1. the_lyall

    How to add a Cainiao tracking page (unbranded) to your site

    I’ve seen a few different posts about this while searching for a solution myself so I’ve made my own solution and thought I’d share it here. There are a few reasons why I wanted to use Cainiao rather than 17Track: 17Track includes ads on the page which show on your site if you use an iframe...
  2. C

    Cainiao Order Tracking on My Account Page for Woo

    Hello, I came across this post where integrating Cainiao on the tracking orders page was being discussed: I am facing a similar problem. I have seen that it's possible to use tracking more's embed box on your...
  3. B

    /track-your-order/ page - issue

    @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova I received many complaints from customer that the does not give the tracking info. This sometimes leads to refund claim from customer. I have no problem with Is it possible to change the track your order page to
  4. Wei Jian

    Problem with Order Tracking Services (Cannot Track Aliexpress Items)

    I've just done a dropship demo on my site to check out the workflow with Alidropship Woo. The purchased item is one that uses Aliexpress Standard Shipping (with tracking number available). The item was shipped out today from a warehouse in China. But the problem is, it cannot be tracked by...