1. J

    Product on aliexpress but customer did not order

    Hi I am about to order a product for my customer but when I went to click order aliexpress it added an extra product, but she didn't order that & I can't delete that one. Plz help. Thx
  2. secaki

    There is no "Orders" button in my alidropship plugin (see picture)

    Hey guys, I've watched several videos and read several threads but couldnt find what I am looking for. For your information: 1.) I did add some aliexpress products in my store. 2.) I bought something for test purposes. But nothing appears Did I forgot something? Do I have to connect to my...
  3. D

    How to Migrate Users & Orders When Migrating from the Woo Version to Original Alidropship

    I am migrating my site from the alidropship woo version to the original version. I need to know if there is a way to move the users and orders that were already processed and pending on the woo version?
  4. J

    Feedback / Orders / Votes ?? Not clear... (pictures) - Help !!!

    Hi, How come on the picture below, there are only 906 orders, but 1312 feedback on the item ? Don't you think that is weird ? :rolleyes: Who can explain this to me ? And 2nd thing, on the below picture for the same item, we have 1312 feedback for only 490 votes ??!! o_O I dont undertand...
  5. Anonymous451

    Shipped Order Status Plugin for WooCommerce Sites

    We've completed preparing our shipping status plugin for distribution. We make different plugins to solve issues we have and decided to make them available. Since we have these issues, we thought others may also find our solutions useful. Here is some information about the Shipping Order Status...
  6. shonenrun

    How to process orders?

    I just received my first order (customer has also paid via paypal) at my site. But do I need to do anything to process the order with Aliexpress? I tried to find the 'place order automatically' option at the Orders page, but there's no such option. I can't find it anywhere too. Can anyone...
  7. J

    Placing a bulk order

    Is there anyway to place bulk order or do I have to go to the product details and click 'place order automatically' every time? If you have a lot of orders it can be annoying...
  8. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    The begining

    I am a total beginner, I just bought a complete ready to use website from Alidropship 1. How do I know if e Payments connect to my Domain and I will get payment in the future? 2. Where can I change the price formula if I want to change it? 3. what is the steps I should do if someone place an...
  9. A

    Display the Order Number on the Orders index page

    Just a simple display suggestion. As I cross check my orders page against my AliExpress orders page to change the order status, there is no way to directly correlate the two order page lists as there is no common information. The AliDropship Orders page has email, customer, total, date and...