How do you Confirm Delivery ?

Hi, so i would like to know how to handle Delivery Confirmation, how do i know that the user recived all his products ? Aliexpress says that the products had been delivered and you need to confirm it, but if you confirm it and the costumer didn't really recived the product you will not be able anymore to open a dispute.

How do you handle this guys ? You just trust Aliexpress ?


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When you send via China Post Registered Airmail, you can't 100% confirm that. However, when you send with ePacket, then, well, you can! But most of the time you can track that on (1-2 days delay updates are normal).

And if your client still didn't receive the item and the time almost ran out. Just contact the seller and ask him to increase the protection time (if he didn't do that already).
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