1. ValTheWiz

    AliDropship Pricing for Products

    Hey there guys, I know this has been posted before but I haven't really found a solution in any of the other posts so I am writing a new one. I have tried absolutely everything, from changing the price formula to completely deleting it and making my own, to changing the prices for each...
  2. O

    Product Update Problems

    Hello, For two days, I can not update products with the plugin, update process freezes, are there any common solution for this? Thanx :)(
  3. M

    Viral Products

    Hi guys, I'm very new to drop shipping and heard a lot from my friends on their experience. Lots of the common challenges is identifying the right products for this business, and finding the right products means a lot of researching before we find the right products. I gathered the feedback...
  4. daniel-97

    Bundle Many Product's Variations Into 1 Big Deal

    For Original Alidropship latest update, the team added a very useful function which allows us to choose which supplier & variation to apply for that product's variation. It would be really nice if we can add many suppliers + variations to one variation! Many sellers on Aliexpress love to...
  5. L

    delete products images

    hey for all... i have delete all my products. and my products list is empty now in my wordpress woocommerce site. but the images of the products did not deleted. it is still show in the media. how can i delete it all via SQL code.
  6. D

    Problem with woocommerce

    I dear community, When I activate ali dropship plugin in wordpress all my products disappear on the website. Then they come back when I deactivate alidropship plugin, it seems that there is a conflict with woocommerce plugin. I did all updates but it stills the same. Also I need to deactivate...
  7. M

    Prices disappeared on products

    Hello. I have a dropshipping store. But all of the prices disappeared. I have the plugin updated to the latest version. But the prices on products seemed to have disappeared. Please help. My store is not working, therefore I am not making any money. This is over for me. Please help.
  8. C

    Combining Products / Variables

    Hello, I have two questions about variations. 1. Can I combine variations? Eg: My item has 8 bow tie variations, 4 for adults and four for kids. I want to couple them into four options where each option has one adult bow tie and one kid bow tie. So, when the user selects option one, he is...
  9. AryanShirani

    How do you Confirm Delivery ?

    Hi, so i would like to know how to handle Delivery Confirmation, how do i know that the user recived all his products ? Aliexpress says that the products had been delivered and you need to confirm it, but if you confirm it and the costumer didn't really recived the product you will not be able...
  10. AryanShirani

    Top Selling Products Not Displaying True Data

    Hi, so as the title, on the website Top Selling Section is not displaying the top selling products, just random products, is not useful at all... This is very important because top selling products are the best products on store usually and most promoted and haveing them on the main section of...
  11. G

    Trending Dropship Products and Marketing Videos

    Hi Dropshippers, I created a FB group to share latest trending products from aliexpress with marketing videos. Join and boost your sales.
  12. G

    Video ads

    Dears, Anyone using videos for FB ads ?
  13. Lizzie

    Importing Products

    My store is showing more and more information after the desired product and I dont want all these extentions. Its does not look good when one takes a look at a product and my social rabbit is using undesired info and pics for my advertising, such as pattern drafts for the ie: dress
  14. Edsel

    Products change to draft even when their status has not changed

    Hi, All of my products (except 2) always revert to "Draft" even though I have the settings set to do nothing when price changes. The only thing that is supposed to update is stock quantity at 15 min intervals. They are all still available on AliExpress so their status hasn't changed Please help!
  15. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    Aliexpress new security situation

    When I want to import large amount of products after 10 min Aliexpress ask me for each product to log in again, do you have any solution?
  16. G

    How many products recommended for a niche dropship store ?

    Hello Friends, Can anyone please help me out on How many products recommended for a niche dropship store ? From minimum to maximum. I planed for 500 products for my upcoming store. is it good to go ? I am very newbie here. Thanks for your help.
  17. Dannysanjurnny

    Products from plugin dont show add to cart

    Hello, guys I just purchase an install the woocommerce version but the products imported does not show the add to cart but the ones from normal woocomerce do. Please help.
  18. I

    Randomize Products

    I'm using davinci theme. I want to randomize products on my front page. The reason is that my update cycle is staggered like a week or more. The site is stuck with the same products all the time. This gives a static look and loss of customers as they think we have nothing new. Also, this is not...
  19. K

    Importing Issue: Products without 'Variations' continually have pricing issues

    So I have imported a heaps of items (using the Import Products feature, which I love!) but some of the products on AliExpress don't have any variations, i.e. no colors or sizes to choose from. Once you have imported these products you need to manually create a 'Variation' for the product so that...
  20. Hstar

    How do I duplicate a product?

    I am trying to duplicate a product I have added using AliDropship plugin. But when I click on Duplicate on the Products page, the product is copied but none of the AliExpress data such as attributes, supplier details etc are copied. Does the plugin not allow duplicate products or am I doing...