1. Y

    Super hosting with LiteSpeed Cache starting at $ 6 a year

    Click this link Germany and Turkey, say hello to your hosting location: You can trade at really cheap TL rate. It will run much faster when you connect CloudFlare. I host my website with my alidropship plugin with this host company. Annual individual hosting comes...
  2. D

    Missing product variations after site migration

    Dear dropshippers, based on the high CPU usage issue I’ve been experiencing along with other people using AliDropship Woo Plugin I decided to move my site to a new VPS. So, we’ve copied the whole site 1:1 to the new server. However, after the migration it turned out that the product variations...
  3. S

    Web Hosting - Black Friday/Cyber Monday 50% Off For LIFE

    Hey Everyone, Just to let you know, from Black Friday through Cyber Monday the offer is 50% off on any web hosting plan for LIFE. No hidden fees or charges PHP 7+ FREE SSL CloudLinux LiteSpeed Alidropship Ready/Compatible No pain in the @$$ PHP or ionCube Loader errors Discount stays with you...
  4. J

    Looking for fastest ecommerce web hosting

    Hello Everyone, Google has now made pagespeed a major ranking factor. This means not only the keywords but also the pagespeed of your website matters. As many ecommerce websites are using WooCommerce or alidropship plugin, so what is the best cloud hosting going to be for such a website? I also...
  5. S

    Web Hosting - 25% Off LIFETIME Discount Offer

    Hey Everyone, As some of you know i usually have a 15% off lifetime discount to offer but i have a limited use coupon code available to give you 25% off on any web hosting plan for LIFE. Valid on annual and biennial terms No hidden fees or charges PHP 7+ FREE SSL CloudLinux LiteSpeed...
  6. D

    Database server

    Someone knows Which is the name of the database server? I'm doing a new website with a subdomain and worpress requires that information to be able to create the site I'm using alidropship hosting
  7. smarf23


  8. C

    PRESALE: Hosting - Data Center Location(s)

    Can you choose from different data center locations if you buy the hosting package? USA? If not, where is the data center located?
  9. pravin.p

    Selling my Unlimited A2 Hosting SWIFT plan

    The plan expires on 28 October, 2018 Reason: Its USA based hosting, I am moving to other location hosting where I provide my services. Price: $35 $25 PayPal or Payoneer Have questions? Feel free to message me
  10. D

    Hosting account

    More than 24 hours and I still don't receive my hosting account. Support team is ignoring my emails When will I receive my hosting account? I already changed the DNS and it's pointing to alidropship servers
  11. M

    Setting up my hosting package with my domain on

    Hello everyone, I have added the name servers but It does not work - see I am wondering what to do as i cannot find directions anywhere. I would be very grateful of any help, Matt
  12. choy8433h


    Hi all Bro and sis, Please recommend any hosting to start the dropship. Or which hosting that currently that you are using. Any feedback or advise for current hosting.? Thanks
  13. C


    Hi, I have purchased my godaddy domain and changed the DNS as asked when will my cpanel get set-up or do i need to email them
  14. S

    DNS and Domain registrar access details

    Hello, I need someone from support to tell me what field from the pictures below will I find the information I need to either provide or fill in for my DNS and if I still need to provide my domain registrar access details. From what I understood from support if I fill the IP and DNS it should be...
  15. Stuart Gibson

    How many sites does alidropship hosting support

    Hello everyone. I currently have 2 stores, one being hosted with digibitdesign and the other with alidropship, the first site doesn't respond quick enough and results in the pages not being loaded. O think I can remember that alidropship hosting can work up to 5 sites. Is this true, if so I...
  16. G

    Purchased hosting and plugin at the same time, but I don't know how to access the hosting?

    Hello, so I purchased the Alidropship plugin and was able to purchase hosting through them as well at the same time. I am wondering will my hosting automatically setup once I activate my plugin on my wordpress site? Also am wondering do I need to purchase a wordpress site in order to install the...
  17. K

    Moving to Alidropship hosting but already have SSL

    Hi, I'm looking to move my site (still in development) to the alidropship hosting because my usual host it turns out doesn't have the correct version of OpenSSL. I've already purchased and installed a SSL from namecheap on this domain. Do I need to disable or do anything with that before I...
  18. Tokayah

    where to log in to alidropship hosting?

    hi,im just ordered alidropship plugin + silver hosting plan 5 hour ago.i got the license key email.but where do i log in to the hosting server so i can start building my webstore? damm i use CUSTOM10 coupon instead of STARTER15 so i only got 10% discount :(
  19. F

    Bluehost ioncube loader / zend guard loader problem. Help needed!

    Hello, I'm trying to get the plugin work with Bluehost. I get "zend guard loader not found" or "ioncube loader not found" error depending on which version I use. I've contacted their support five or six times and spent hours using live chat. As a result I was said that everything looks good in...
  20. Kirk

    Didn't get any alidropship hosting site from bought

    Hello, I bought a pack of plugin and hosting for 137$ but i get only plugin and theme. Where is hosting site that i can use????