DNS and Domain registrar access details


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Hello, I need someone from support to tell me what field from the pictures below will I find the information I need to either provide or fill in for my DNS and if I still need to provide my domain registrar access details. From what I understood from support if I fill the IP and DNS it should be fine?
I do not have Skype so I would appreciate it if we could get this worked out through Email or this post (of course not posting any sensitive info).
I purchased the domain from Google.

Under the "Configure DNS" I see these fields-

I received two links that both start with 'n' and an IP and I have added them under 'Registered Hosts'-

*EDIT*-I have changed my nameserver. Now I am waiting for a reply on what to do next.
*EDIT 2*-Thank-You, the website and Wordpress are good to go!
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