1. mglazebroo

    Can't activate any of my plugins after upgrading php and ioncube loader...

    Fatal error: The file /wp-content/plugins/adsabandonedcart/install/functions.php encoded as type [1/72] cannot be decoded by this version of the ionCube Loader. in Unknown on line 0 I am getting the above error when trying to activate any of my add ons. Alidropship plugin 8+ works. Please help
  2. S

    Need help with Stripe, want to add afterpay to my website.

    Hi legends, hope you are doing great. Recently stripe has started to add other payment options. Afterpay is one of it. Afterpay is buy now pay later option for the customers. so my default currency is setup in USD, but I live in Australia. and my stripe account is registered in australia. so...
  3. Q

    Help me please

    hi,i use alidropship woo plugin.Now all products variations lost,also attributes which reletead varitions.Please help how can i get back?
  4. Adee

    Place order automatically not working

    After selecting place order automatically, then selecting the variation. After that it does not proceed further. Please help, I have bought this plugin specially for this functionality. is the site.
  5. R

    How to get USA bank account

    Hi everyone, I am not a US citizen, but my brother is a US citizen how can he help me getting a USA bank account number and registering my LLC company? Any suggestions will be helpful to me. Thank you.
  6. T

    Tips to make store international

    Dear Dropshippers, I would like to get your advice/tips on making my store international. (I currently run an electronic dropshipping store exclusively for India). I did notice that there are a few visits from US and EU regions. I would like to hear from you guys on how to make the store...
  7. K

    Should i focus in 1 kind of clothing or put more varitety of products?

    I've posted same question in other forums and people answer me differently some people say it's better to put more products so i will target a large portion of people others say to only focus to 1 type of clothing. so im not sure if i should put different kind of clothing and accessories in my...
  8. nardog03


    Hello, I am having issues with the Abandon Cart Plugin for my Alidropship store. I have called my hosting company to increase the memory because the error that shows when I try to install the plugin says" The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini." I upgrade my...
  9. C

    Big Error! Please help me

    Something is wrong with my menu. There is no dashboard displayed by the plugin, no orders, etc. The Main Menu is normal... Why is that? How can I fix this?
  10. marketingal

    So very lost on this! Help Please...anyone...?

    I am missing something or missed a step somewhere as I cannot figure out what to do at for a theme and then the plugin. I purchased the hosting here at Alidropship and have purchased my domain, bought the plugin SO....can I not use the Free Version Of WordPress to use the plugins...
  11. L

    Prices are not shown properly for products with variations

    Hey guys, I have a problem when importing products that have variations from AliExpress. Some of them did not show variations' price even if customers choose a right one. As I've tested, this problem only happens when I access the shop using desktop/laptop browsers (on mobile/tablet, that...
  12. Bekir Lubic

    Problem with Contact form

    Hello to all, My name is Bekir, and I'm new here on forum ... A few days ago I bought this plugin, and at this moment, I am working on my site ... For now, everithing is OK, except contact form ... I have made mailgun accont, and customized all parameters, but my contact form doesn´t work ... I...
  13. C


    Hi, I have purchased my godaddy domain and changed the DNS as asked when will my cpanel get set-up or do i need to email them
  14. K

    Ajax Pagination and Infinite Scroll

    Hello guys. Im using the normal Aliplugin + Davinci theme (not woocommerce) And im having a problem with the "Ajax Pagination and Infinite Scroll" plugin. The Infinite scroll actually works pretty good, but when the new products show up the prices are missing. Ive been trying to solve this...
  15. M

    Error While Adding Reviews to Products

    Hi I imported reviews to my dropship site. However, when I click on the product to see if the reviews were imported, I see the error below. Please help. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_review_count() on array in...
  16. G

    General Niche store - Suggestions please

    Hello, I am planning to look for a general niche store. example: toy store. which covers all the toys here. Please share your thoughts. Thanks for your help
  17. Edsel

    Products change to draft even when their status has not changed

    Hi, All of my products (except 2) always revert to "Draft" even though I have the settings set to do nothing when price changes. The only thing that is supposed to update is stock quantity at 15 min intervals. They are all still available on AliExpress so their status hasn't changed Please help!
  18. E

    Need help with front page images alignment

    Hi guys, I use Davinci theme. When I browse my store on a bigger screen computer, the main images at the top are aligning themselves to the left and the categories slider is opening itself on top of the image thereby halfway blocking the image. I'm not sure how to fix, I think its caused by a...
  19. theflowhacker

    Hi awsome people! Need tips, guide or anything that can help me start.

    Hi people, i have read a lot in the warrior forum regarding the plugin and i found a lot of amazing and interesting threads and posts regarding results and amazing business model. My background is psychology in sales, and direct sales from earlier job experiences. I am now studying...
  20. S

    DNS and Domain registrar access details

    Hello, I need someone from support to tell me what field from the pictures below will I find the information I need to either provide or fill in for my DNS and if I still need to provide my domain registrar access details. From what I understood from support if I fill the IP and DNS it should be...