1. VeecoTech

    FREE 1 Year Email Hosting + .com Domain

    ! Get FREE 1 Year Domain + Email Hosting For Your Business! Follow these steps to win the giveaway: 1. Like VeecoTech Web & Ecommerce 2. Share the pinned post 3. PM us to get your gift This campaign is limited to the first 200 participants who filled up the form only. Valid until 30 Nov...
  2. W

    Domain change for alidropship license

    I am changing my domain and need to reset all my licenses. How do I do this? Who do I contact? I sent an email from the main website/support almost a week ago.
  3. Johnny Hook

    Domain for sale

    Hello. Here is a premium domain name with a unic name. Great domain for selling cellphone accessories, cellphones. Price $600
  4. arvin

    Suggestion for the Alidropship woo plugin

    Hi Sir, Hello, I have built my own website through WordPress, and every time when I rebuild the website, I have to reactivate the License, which is very unfriendly, can I bind the domain name once? When remaking the website, I don't need to find the customer to reactivate it. Or you can add a...
  5. A

    Boho Store For Sale, Made from Advance Package ($180)

    Selling Cool Boho Fashion for Women, Home Decor, Sunglasses, Swimwear, Jewelry, Etc.. I haven't been marketing for a while now since I'm to busy. The site was made with the Alidropship Advance Package. I'm selling because I think someone with more time and a better vision can make the best of...
  6. rolands

    .shop or .com?

    Hi! What domain extension you recommend for dropship store? - long, harder to write and remember - short cool looking, but I don't know what people think about extension they probably never seen before. Do they trust it as same as com? I not talking about .mx , .io...
  7. pravin.p

    Selling my Unlimited A2 Hosting SWIFT plan

    The plan expires on 28 October, 2018 Reason: Its USA based hosting, I am moving to other location hosting where I provide my services. Price: $35 $25 PayPal or Payoneer Have questions? Feel free to message me
  8. G

    Can we use .shop domain for dropship ?

    Hi Superstars, Can we use .shop domain for dropship ? Please help
  9. T

    Pepipost domain not approved

    Hello, Following instructions for emails service I choose Pepipost (best free offer) end did everything requier. But I did received the following email from Pepipost: " Your domain is not approved. It looks like your sender domain didnt meet our email deliverability...
  10. bogdao

    Domain redirected on server

    Hi, I've already installed alidropship plugin on my server. Orginally URL of my website was the name of my server. I had a propper domain so I did a redirect of my domain to my server. Now when I enter my website everyhing looks perfect - on home page I can see my domain name in URL bar, but...
  11. S

    DNS and Domain registrar access details

    Hello, I need someone from support to tell me what field from the pictures below will I find the information I need to either provide or fill in for my DNS and if I still need to provide my domain registrar access details. From what I understood from support if I fill the IP and DNS it should be...