1. chris37

    Web Development Services

    Do you want to learn how How to have amazing sales ?? I am create supreme dropshipping websites (Yes guys, because a good website can make the difference) A fast and nice-looking website can increase the chance of sales. Every time I build a new website I follow the below steps. Before any...
  2. VeecoTech

    Get Up to RM5,000 Business Solution SME Digitalisation Grant by MDEC

    Kickstart your digital journey and accelerate your business growth by taking advantage of the SME Digitalisation Grant. Malaysia Government is providing up to RM5,000 or 50% matching grant per company for any business solutions. VeecoTech is a certified Technology Service Provider appointed by...
  3. I for Sale - Hi capitalists!

    First of all, please visit the site. This website is ready to use. I established this site for drop shipping business but I can't find any purchase method for my country. So, unfortunately I should sell this domain and if you want the established site too. I will also give you soviet market...
  4. LinasK`


    Selling with Alidropship license activated. Built myself but never advertised or drove real traffic to it, have no time for dropshipping anymore. All products and descriptions done editing, just need to import some reviews and that's it. Social accounts: Facebook...
  5. R

    Can Alidropship create a Custom Website on my own hosting account?

    Hello. Before I purchase the Custom Store I wanted to know if Alidropship team would build a website on my own hosting account under my domain name that I purchased? I'm already familiar with Wordpress and could take over once the site is complete. Or is the only option to pay for there package...
  6. P

    Does this work the same as Shopify

    With Shopify, I can create a website through Shopify. D
  7. Ahmednew

    (Sold) General Store for sale with more than 800 products - Urgent sale .. i am selling my website because I have no time to manage it. My website has the following benefits: - Good domain name. - Slide show at home page. - I have increased the number of products shown at home page. - Facebook page with 41 likes. - Decent email...
  8. Ahmednew

    Just looking around

    Good luck for all :)
  9. C

    Subscription Email (Footer)

    Hi, I have tried to test my subscribe email box which comes automaticly. Ive looked on channel in my membership list and it hasn't appeared. Here is the code from the customised tab in Wordpress. <form class='subscribe-form form-inline' method='post' accept-charset='UTF-8'...
  10. Abu Saeed Mohammad Sayem

    How to Speed Up Website?

    Yesterday some of my customers told me that my website is working slow. They think it's taking longer time than before. So I have checked it by using Google's "PageSpeed Insights" and found a bad result. I am attaching that result in the attachment. Please check them. Can you guys tell me how...
  11. N

    New Alidropship store

    Hello Dear, I have created new store about jewelry. I also promoted it on Facebook many times but unit now I don't get any sales. Please suggest or advise me some tips! My website is Thanks
  12. artmelkon

    Need some advise!

    Hey guys, I was trying to concentrate selling cosmetics but noticed that sales are sluggish, because most women buy from well-known brands, and I decided to move away from it and target pet lovers. I kept cosmetic products and added some products related to pets, but I don't like my page...
  13. S

    DNS and Domain registrar access details

    Hello, I need someone from support to tell me what field from the pictures below will I find the information I need to either provide or fill in for my DNS and if I still need to provide my domain registrar access details. From what I understood from support if I fill the IP and DNS it should be...