Missing product variations after site migration


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Dear dropshippers,

based on the high CPU usage issue I’ve been experiencing along with other people using AliDropship Woo Plugin I decided to move my site to a new VPS. So, we’ve copied the whole site 1:1 to the new server. However, after the migration it turned out that the product variations are missing.

Do you know what the reason might be? Are product variations stored in the same database? Is there a way to turn-on/turn-off the product variations displaying?

Thank you for your kind help.


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Are product variations stored in the same database?
All product info is stored in the database. It probably got corrupted if you downloaded it in plain txt/sql format.

It's best to download and upload the database in zipped or gzipped format to avoid that. Did you do that?

If your database is still on the old server ... download it again in zipped form, drop all your tables on the new server, and re-import the fresh zipped one.

If none of that applies ... you'll just have to delete the affected products, empty the product trash and re-import the products again.