product variations

  1. N

    Variations Images Problem

    Hi, I have problem with variations on my alidropship woocommerce store. My product has two attributes: 1) Color 2) Diameter I want to both attributes on product page will show as an images but I can’t select option “show product variation as an image” to both attributes at the same time. In...
  2. Protik

    I want to change the border color of selected variation.

    The way it is now, it's quite hard to see which one I selected because the non selected variation border color is ash, and the selected border color is somewhat black. I want to change the border colour as well well the border thickness.
  3. Kashfah Ambrin

    Must for All International Dropshippers: Both Text + Image for Product Variations

    First of all, let me applaud Alidropship team for giving this reasonable feature of showing variations as text or image. I am sure most of us go with Image option for variations. However, this OR option is not sufficient for many cases. One great example being products with different plug types...
  4. D

    Missing product variations after site migration

    Dear dropshippers, based on the high CPU usage issue I’ve been experiencing along with other people using AliDropship Woo Plugin I decided to move my site to a new VPS. So, we’ve copied the whole site 1:1 to the new server. However, after the migration it turned out that the product variations...
  5. D

    Problem with deleted products variation

    Hi dear community, My colleague made a mistake by deleting variations then create new ones with the correct name in the good language. Now we can't update the prices and alidropship doest recognize them because variations be killed. How can we fix it? Can we update only variations to update...
  6. J

    Would you like that Alidropship Woo allow you to split variations when importing products ?

    Aliexpress sellers often create a lot of variations that are not necessarily relevant, and some of us need to split them into single products after importing products, which is very time consuming. I think that it would be a huge improvement if Alidropship Woo had this option like the standard...
  7. W

    After changing price Product variation gone

    hi, Whenever i change any product price manually on my website then product variations is gone or not sync (color, sizes, etc) also aliwoo plugin not compatible with Currency Switcher By Algoritmika .. once you disable AliDropship Woo Plugin then works fine please let me know the solution Thanks