hosting problems

  1. E


    ACCOUNT SUSPENDED This Account has been suspended. Contact your hosting provider for more information." I got this message. Probably I forgot the pay for the hosting. What can I do?
  2. R

    Which is best hosting service for 500+ products?

    I am planning for a general store with 500+ products. I am looking for advice on: Which option is better 1) Buy alidropship hosting ($48) or 2) Any other hosting? I came to know that with alidropship original plugin and with silver hosting plan, i can add 3000+ products. But what about basic...
  3. D

    Missing product variations after site migration

    Dear dropshippers, based on the high CPU usage issue I’ve been experiencing along with other people using AliDropship Woo Plugin I decided to move my site to a new VPS. So, we’ve copied the whole site 1:1 to the new server. However, after the migration it turned out that the product variations...
  4. mduncanvm

    AliDropship Hosting: Site suspended

    Hi, My site is down and suspended, I can not log in to cPanel or anywhere else. All my emails for that account are disabled. I suspect it's because of a payment issue, my account renews about now. You guys need to really look into alerting your clients about renewal and give a chance to make...
  5. S

    Alidroship Hosting

    Been having issues since i upgraded my Alidropship hosting from silver to gold. I kept getting database error, it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't like now. cPanel is not responding either, getting frustrating now. Can somebody help please?
  6. D

    Hosting account

    More than 24 hours and I still don't receive my hosting account. Support team is ignoring my emails When will I receive my hosting account? I already changed the DNS and it's pointing to alidropship servers
  7. Safe and Sound Foundation

    Trouble getting into cpanel with Alidrop hosting

    Hi Guys, I paid for my hosting 12 hours ago and I have not received any email so I can login and start setting up my store. Please help cause I’m losing my mind here. Thanks, Lisa