AliDropship Hosting: Site suspended


My site is down and suspended, I can not log in to cPanel or anywhere else. All my emails for that account are disabled. I suspect it's because of a payment issue, my account renews about now.

You guys need to really look into alerting your clients about renewal and give a chance to make sure CC info is correct etc. before just shutting down EVERYTHING without a warning. This has me honestly pretty upset right now.

I have sent a few contact forms and PMed Christina, but no one is answering. For me this is pretty urgent and I am stunned that 24/7 support isn't really there.
Please help me get this sorted.

Thank you.
Yes here is what happened. For some reason my initial signup email with all the login info and links to the site admin never got to me. After that a year of all went ok. When it was time to renew all the alert emails also never got to me. I think it might have gone to spam or god knows. So my site was about to be canceled. In the end I got it sorted with the help of friendly support and made sure all emails arrive in the future. There is a log of all the emails they sent btw.