1. frogfrogfrog

    AliDropship PHP error - adsCurrency.php

    Hello, So, currently, there is an adsCurrency.php error displayed on pages. Woocommerce is up to date. Flatsome theme is up to date. Is there any solution on how to stop this from being displayed? (Warning: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool in [...]...
  2. HanShuShu

    Import products ,Dropshipping Error ,code 200

    I have a problem now, my website is an e-commerce website, when AliExpress uses Alidropship extension to import product details to my website, there is an error, cannot be imported, the error code is 200,should i what to do?
  3. Nikson11

    Pricing Problem, Please Help!!

    Hello guys, As the title say I have pricing error in my app. Tried everything but cant fix. On ali its this price - but on my store in app is not that price. Whats is wrong. Anyone had some similar problems? Thanks!
  4. gvidass

    Custom Tracking Service Not Working It Gives Error | Alidropship Fail

    Hey, Do you know why the custom tracking option is not working with my tracker? I'm using Alidropship Woo version. Down below, you'll find all the details. I'm using: I added this custom option as shown in the tutorial:{tip}...
  5. Cesar Araujo

    Need some help on error alidswoo

    For no reason I am getting an error in my site "Failed to load plugin url: Can somebody help me??
  6. ethanhunt

    " Image not found, next image will be loaded "- Andy Warhol

    I'm getting an error on Andy Warhol theme in Alidropship original plugin. When I click on the images in the comments, I'm getting an error message " Image not found, next image will be loaded " and the whole page gets stuck, and can't get rid of the error window. This happening on all the pages...
  7. I

    Alishipping error

    Hi I am having these problems if anyone have the answer it would be helpful
  8. daniel-97

    "You Save" Section Error - Checkout

    On checkout page there is a section called "You Save" which is calculating the wrong price Example (with pictures): This product is $45.95 ➡ $29.95 At checkout, it should be: "You Save: $16" (or-$16) but it just adds random numbers This is happening to all of my products, please check your...
  9. B

    Un Error de el tema Davinci me ha costado caro en el SEO || KILL SEO DAVINCI

    El tema Davinci tiene un error que duplica el contenido de los productos, lo que a ojos de Google es muy malo. El problema de Davinci está en las categorías. Si analizas en Google Search Consolé cualquier página de las categorías de tu tienda te dará como resultado, la indexación de la categoría...
  10. Omor Faruk

    The Produced can't be delivered to any country Contact us for details

    Hello, Some product of my website show an alert when i click in Add to cart button , The message is "The Produced can't be delivered to any country Contact us for details" , i sent mail to support but they don't replay , So why this message is showing ? And How to solve it . If you click this...
  11. M

    PHP 7.3 version?

    I tried to switch to PHP 7.3.11 on 2 of my websites with Alidropship and both was unavailable. Looking webserver logs I found this: 2019-11-08 09:16:42 Error x.x.x.x 118 AH01067: Failed to read FastCGI header Apache error 2019-11-08 09:16:42 Error x.x.x.x (104)Connection reset by peer...
  12. patayintattoo

    Lost and confused

    Hello - I have been trying to update my markup formula for my woocommerce/wordpress shop with the Alidrop ship plugin. I am using the standard woocomerce store template and everything was working fine until today. I have decided to add a new formula for a new collection I wanted to add to my...
  13. P

    Error! AliDropship plugin is not compatible with WooCommerce plugin. You need to deactivate and delete WooCommerce plugin

    Hello, I have setup my Wordpress, installed WooCommerce and I bought AliDropship plugin, when I upload the zip from the alidropship website I get this error in my Wordpress admin : "Error! AliDropship plugin is not compatible with WooCommerce plugin. You need to deactivate and delete WooCommerce...
  14. Bamise

    Error with All Bundle Plugin

    Hi, I just bought the Bundle Addon not too long, but i can't use them due to different error after uploading the plugin, Like PHP 7.2 error, almost all the bundle except the Rabbit SM Post What can do to resolve all this? @Yaros @Christina
  15. S

    i have "Error! AliDropship plugin is not compatible with WooCommerce plugin. You need to deactivate and delete WooCommerce plugin"

    hello i need help, i have this error "Error! AliDropship plugin is not compatible with WooCommerce plugin. You need to deactivate and delete WooCommerce plugin" on my wordpress backoffice, my current woocommerce version is 3.4.7 and wordpress 4.9.8 and php version 7.2 thank for your help
  16. J

    Abandoned Cart Error

    What is up guys? I'm getting this error message: Error: Invalid Parameters used in API call.Hence failed. when trying to send a test email in Abandoned Cart. Any ideas how to fix it?
  17. Nesonica

    Authorization does not work with Chrome Extension

    Hey guys, I get the error "Please authorize your site on AliDropship Google Chrome extension." when trying to use the Direct Import although my WooCommerce shop license is activated and all set to go: My Extension and my Woo Plugin both are on the newest version. Any idea how to fix this?
  18. L

    Plugin doesn't has full functions for me

    Hello, I bought a plugin and I am quite happy with automatically order placing, but I am very disapointed for tracking number updating and it sending. The plugin doesn't automatically updates trackings and order numbers from Aliexpress, I wrote to the support and they told me to add order...
  19. Mahavir Surana

    Images upload failed

    Sir, Showing new images upload error * (screenshot image attached here) And importing the product from Aliexpress is also not showing any images. Should this problem be due to disk storage capacity? How can I delete images and unwanted files from all deleted products? Are they automatically...
  20. ahmadtalal0786

    Jquery is not defined at infromers.js

    Hi, When i click to add product to cart then i get this error at google developer console. it says, JQUERY IS NOT DEFINED AT INFORMERS.JS then the version of alidropshipwoo plugin. and here is the link to the file which show an error...