1. anonymous1971

    Woocommerce 3 gives variable import issue

    Hello, Anybody has the same issue maybe? Since woocommerce 3 is out, when importing aliexpress products with eye prescription variables it's importing gibberish and impossible codes which i cannot explain. Would be great if someone could help me out. before woocommerce 3 updates after...
  2. anonymous1971

    Abandoned cart availability for woocommerce plugin

    Is this is planning or better to buy a 3rd party abandoned cart plugin?
  3. anonymous1971

    Our Woocommerce aliexpress based webshop is live

    What do you think? https://leesbril.nl
  4. anonymous1971

    Auto ordering with woocommerce plugin

    I'm new to this but when a customer buys a product......does the woocommerce plugin orders the product from the aliexpress store automatically or do i have to do things manually? https://alidropship.com/codex/how-do-i-fulfill-and-place-orders/
  5. anonymous1971

    How to change the name of an attribute permanently?

    When I import products from Aliexpress [ reading glasses ] There are two major important attributes......eye prescription and frame color. When i Change these two attribute names to my language..........after importing new products from Aliexpress it creates new attributes in the old language...
  6. anonymous1971

    Woocommerce adding product properties after import products aliexpress

    See visual 1......those are my own defined product properties See visual 2......After importing products from aliexpress it adds other product properties....I do not want that to happen!
  7. D

    Images, prices and Product datas are gone after switching to Woo Alidropship. PLEASE HELP

    Hello, I switched from default Alidropship plugin to Woo alidropship but now images of the products are gone. What should I do? Is there a way to get those images, product data and prices back? I have hundreds of products so I cant do it manually.. Please help.. Thank you in advance
  8. D

    Do woocemmerce plugins work on your plugin/theme

    Hello, I would like to buy and install few plugins to wordpress but they are working only for woocommerce plugin. Would those plugins somehow work with your plugin/theme? Or is your theme limited so we cannot install any other plugins that would work for Products?
  9. A

    Poblem with autofilling order - need help ASAP

    Hey, yesterday I bought Alidropship plugin for Woocommerce. Everything works good except orders autofilling and thats the main reason why I bought this plugin. When I open order and press "Place order Automatically" nothing happens any sugestions? Got right hosting, got chrome extension...
  10. ayman

    Any idea when Alidropship plugin for woocommerce will be Available?

    Any idea when Alidropship plugin for woocommerce will be Available?