1. T

    store Adult Toys Online for sale!

    I am selling AliDropship WooCommerce drop shipping site. Listed below are some of the features you will get with the purchase. Google Search Results Preview Test Backlinks Counter : 16.2k Alexa : 644,355 Instgram : 32.5K Hosting : Namecheap Start date : 01 Dec, 2019 Expected price in USD...
  2. L

    the CPU usage high when i import high number of products from aliexpress

    when I am importing products from aliexpress , I am getting an error data connection message. my host support tells me that the server handle high process loading in the severs cause the direct import of products from aliexpress. anybody know how to fix this problem, maybe I must set up the...
  3. K

    WooCommerce themes

    I have a Woocommerce theme I love but does the Ali Woo plugin work on any Woocommerce theme or just the ones on their own site? Kerry
  4. L

    delete products images

    hey for all... i have delete all my products. and my products list is empty now in my wordpress woocommerce site. but the images of the products did not deleted. it is still show in the media. how can i delete it all via SQL code.
  5. S

    After Update woo plugin - Product Listing Display Issue

    Hi, We are facing issue with product listing display since we updated latest version Version 1.6.0 , whenever we deactivate plugin display is normal. Please help to look into it and fix issue. Regards, SAK
  6. workfromhome

    Create Your First ManyChat Account for FREE. - Free Training Course

    A lot of Dropshippers are suffering from low website traffic from their E-commerce Store and most of them have a minimum amount of visitors from their website. The thing is there is one simple solution to your problem and that is ManyChat Messenger Marketing . This transformational messenger...
  7. A

    Need help for my Woo Alidropship Store.

    I started a website recently - https://blubambina.com/ . I sell baby stuff as I have some niche products/tags/categories. So far I have spend a lot of cash and ended with just 2 sales (which didn't came from paid promotions). I tried Facebook ads, Instagram Influencers Promotions, Google...
  8. secaki

    There is no "Orders" button in my alidropship plugin (see picture)

    Hey guys, I've watched several videos and read several threads but couldnt find what I am looking for. For your information: 1.) I did add some aliexpress products in my store. 2.) I bought something for test purposes. But nothing appears Did I forgot something? Do I have to connect to my...
  9. nardog03

    Change The Look Of The Product Review Layout

    Hey Alidropship Team, I think you should look at changing the layout of the Alidropship review. Looking at reviews platforms like Loox or Ryviu they have helped many other stores in its conversion rate by changing they display for the reviews to be shown in a grid format instead of the standard...
  10. supermario

    Alidropship Woo Update not visible on dashboard Issue?

    Hello, Anyone facing issue of new updates not visible on Wordpress Dashboard, see the image: http://prntscr.com/nmasfk It's not showing "You have the latest version" While on my other website on same server it's working fine and showing update, anyone else facing same issue of updates not...
  11. T

    Order numbers disappeared after WP 5.2 Update

    Hello, I updated my site to WP 5.2, the order numbers for all the orders in woocommerce disappeared I am running Alidropship Woo with Woocommerce. Could you please look into this issue? Thanks
  12. Protik

    Product Variation Menu Issue

    How to stop this drop down variation menu? I'm using Alidropship Woo Plugin on WooCommerce store built with OceanWP theme. The square variation box is the feature of Alidropship Woo plugin you all know guys. But it did not replace itself with the default variation drop-down menu, rather it is...
  13. khurram017

    Outdated copies of WooCommerce template files

    Hi! I'm using Davinci Woo Child Theme for my store. I have recently updated my Woocommerce plugin but it appears with the message as following screenshot. and my store's format totally gone wrong like below! Can you please resolve the issue? Thanks Khurram
  14. Scruty

    Abandoned cart is not supported by woo commerce

    Hi, I intalled abandoned cart plugin and I have latest woo commerce and wordpress yet I got this error after install of abandoned cart: Error! AliDropship Abandoned Cart add-on is not supported by WooCommerce. Thanks for help
  15. Sadoun

    Front Page and Mobile product display

    Hi, I have recently installed the DaVinci 2.0 for Woo. Thank you by the way for such a wonderful theme. Your team did an amazing job. I appreciate it. I am having small problem with setting up the Front Page. My website;s Front (home) page is not showing any of features available...
  16. Morgan

    Why did Stripe close the integration with our WooCommerce store, and what payment alternatives are there?

    Hi. My team and I have been working to create a website for drop-shipping the previous weeks. Everything was coming along nicely, with Stripe set up and test payments successfully made. When out of the blue, I receive an alarming message from Stripe informing us that our website is considered...
  17. Zlaja

    Where to download plugin

    Hi! I have deleted email where I had links to download alidropship plugin. Where can I download it again? I need version for Woocommerce. Thanks
  18. anonymous1971

    Woocommerce plugin updates products that are trashed long ago

    I have permanently deleted 200+ products in my woocommerce store.........but the ali dropship woocommerce plugin keeps on updating them as if the products are still in my store. Why?
  19. Nesonica

    Authorization does not work with Chrome Extension

    Hey guys, I get the error "Please authorize your site on AliDropship Google Chrome extension." when trying to use the Direct Import although my WooCommerce shop license is activated and all set to go: My Extension and my Woo Plugin both are on the newest version. Any idea how to fix this?
  20. D

    Problem with woocommerce

    I dear community, When I activate ali dropship plugin in wordpress all my products disappear on the website. Then they come back when I deactivate alidropship plugin, it seems that there is a conflict with woocommerce plugin. I did all updates but it stills the same. Also I need to deactivate...