1. cristal29

    Estimate Shipping Rates for All Countries

    Hello everybody! I'm having some difficulties in setting up my shipment rates and would be great to find some examples of shipping price strategy from other fellow drop-shippers. Basically my target markets will be english speaking countries but in case clients from other countries want to buy...
  2. D

    Do I really have to delete and install again wordpress to install Woocommerce plug in?

    Can I just delete alidropship plug in and install woocommerce version?
  3. D

    Switch to woocommerce version

    Hello everyone I just wanted to ask: I am using alidropship plug in but I want to switch to woocommerce version. My products will be deleted of he import list if I switch to woocommerce version? Thank you regards
  4. Mahavir Surana

    Error in update the buying rates

    Sir, There is difference in buying rate shown in Suppliers Info page & actual buying rate on Aliexpress site. (see attach image error 1) Also there is difference in doller conversation rate (see attach image error 2) . So that see our margin (see image error 3) Please repair these error...
  5. anonymous1971

    Chinese Tracking number & Tracking number when package arrives in country of delivery

    Is it possible to inform customers only when the trackingcode from my country is available? I do not want customers see the Chinese trackingcode. Also still no updated documentation how the tracking flow is.
  6. anonymous1971

    So I need to have this open 24/7/365 or else.....

    "The auto updating is getting processed only when your Google Chrome browser is opened" What this means to me is or how i interpret is: it only auto updates when your chrome browser is opened and you need to have your browser opened 24/7/365 or else the system will not update and once a day is...
  7. G

    AliDropship Tracking Shortcode Not Working

    1. I have looked at all of the information I could find on here and from what I can tell the built-in tracking shortcode (that works with 17track) does not work with the WooCommerce version at this time. Is this correct? 2. Assuming it is correct, I need to find a WooCommerce tracking plugin...
  8. anonymous1971

    Product already imported import again impossible

    Imported a product........deleted the product from my woocommerce store.......when i want to import again from Ali it says...Product already imported. And it's impossible to import this product again. What is the solution?
  9. G

    Editing Capabilities

    I am an experienced WooCommerce user, and I just purchased this plugin last week. As I am navigating through the ins and outs of how this plugin works I wanted to CONFIRM that I'm understanding the details of what kind of editing capabilities are available to me. From everything I've found in...
  10. mmsy87

    Pricing not Converted to My Currency

    Hi I have set wordpress default currency to MYR (Malaysian Ringgit) have installed Currency Switcher for WooCommerce as per recommended during skype chat. When I Imported the item, The price shows the price according to the PRICING MARKUP FORMULA. Sample: Aliexpress price: $2 < cost < $5...
  11. anonymous1971

    Ali SALE products are not recognised by the woocommerce "SALE" modules

    When Ali has products on sale.....my woocommerce modules do not pick up the sale so they do not show the from - to - prices on my site. Anyone has the same problem...or has the solution @Yaros Also found out that most of my products have the same regular as sale price so it makes a mess of my...
  12. omktg

    WooCommerce 3.3 + Release Highlights + Template File Changes + Deprecated Functions And Methods

    WooCommerce just released a huge update (3.3) that is available for beta testing... You can read everything about it here: https://woocommerce.wordpress.com/2017/12/12/woocommerce-3-3-beta-is-here/ Looks that all themes and plugins/extensions must be tested/updated before using this version of...
  13. Mahavir Surana

    Chrom plugin not work

    Sir, Chrom Import extension is not working for my site- ijewelmart.com After click on 'use direct import' button,aliexpress site page did not show dropship bar on top of page.And even product have no icon for import product. Since I update extention, re install extention, clean caches...
  14. J

    Price Reverting Back to Aliexpress Price

    I was curious if there was a way, maybe I am missing, where you can input regular price and sales price and when it updates it stays the same if Aliexpress stays the same. Or if Aliexpress prices go up, your prices go up accordingly (% wise). i.e... if I set my price for $100 and the item on...
  15. Göran Tell

    Need help with alids_ion to alidswoo_ion

    Hi, I want to turn my store to alids woocommerce. But the thing is when i do that, every picture of my products is gone. How can i do, to get every information and pictures for those products from alids_ion to alidswoo_ion? Thanks for all help i can get.
  16. mangomarey

    What kind of updates?

    Hi when you choose to update a product's' either manually or auto, what kind of update does it make? does it update the price? images? description? or what? In short: If I change the item title, description and remove images from the description or assign a new feature image then after that for...
  17. Sriranga R

    E-packet notification / preview missing

    Hello Team, I can see that the preview option of e-packet availability status on the products is missing. Please see the screenshot. Has this option been discontinued ??? I'm using the latest version of Woo. Thanks
  18. K

    Replace polish characters in shipping information (Woocommerce)

    Hi, I have another problem. Now with fulfillment. Im from Poland and here we have polish characters like "ś ć ó ź ń". Aliexpress dont allow that characters and fulfillment doesnt work. Its possible to auto change this characters to normal? Like Ó - O , Ś - S ... Second problem is with Postal...
  19. mangomarey

    Update the site

    Hi I have a site which runs on Alidropship plugin Version and I need to move to Woocommerce version. Where can I find the steps to do that without losing any site content? Also; There is 2 version of each ... Zend Guard and IonCube how can I tell which one I am already having and need...
  20. jubran

    Importing Product Variations Bug

    Hey there! When I import products with Alidropship Woo Version by hitting on the edit button for fast edit and then import, the variation images doesn't get imported so I end up with only names. However, if I hit import directly (from the chrome addon) then it imports the images. Another issue...