How to change the name of an attribute permanently?

When I import products from Aliexpress [ reading glasses ] There are two major important attributes......eye prescription and frame color. When i Change these two attribute names to my language..........after importing new products from Aliexpress it creates new attributes in the old language? How to solve this?

1. imported attributes in english

2.changed them to my language [ Dutch ]

3. after importing new products....???

This is a truly major problem. I have tried multiple not work.


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The attributes are functioning as designed. There is no link between the two so every time you import a product it won't know that you have changed the wording and that's where it should enter the new entries. So you just need to delete their entry in the product and enter your own. For proper listings you should be editing the attributes anyways so just add that to the list. You can setup up entries you just select from or text entry for the attributes.
No. Did you see this > 3. after importing new products....???
It continue's to add the imported variables. Your solution does not work. The only solution what works is that i can translate those two strings permanently in my it imports "preschription" and it's translated into my language which is "sterkte"


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I've got 100's of products setup exactly like @Jess said so no idea why it doesn't work for you. Setup attributes, configure terms, make the type selectable or text depending on what you want, import product, delete whatever you dont want/need, add yours and save. You cannot change the imported attribute name in the backend and expect the plugin to import into it. Yes it litters the backend but who cares, just clean house once in a while.

So why does it not work for you?
I will answer this later. Got a much bigger problem on hand. Aliexpress does not have a translation for my two major variables which are "Leesbril Sterkte" en "Kleur montuur". My target audience wants to read in Dutch...not in English. And since alibaba did not translate these into my language i import products with the wrong translation and there seems to be no way to have this in my language.

no...not in English


must be in Dutch



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AliExpress website can be translated into my language while I am using it but when i import it to my products' page it stays in English. It is a very big problem for me as my customers can 95% don't know English. I want my site to be all in Turkish if possible???