1. B

    Attributes and variation are not working properly

    I wanted to draw your attention to an issue with Attributes and Variations. For example, lets say I only want to sell "Men Briefcase Business" in Russia and I don't want to import the United States and China as an attribute including the...
  2. S

    I need to delete some attribute that i don't want it to show

    The best this you made it for all excellent such as Change the price however we want Rename the attribute Delete the Item Specifics But why we can not delete the attributes For example, Bellow screenshot is showing shipping from the attribute. Why I need this I'm not do a international...
  3. H

    variation images vs Attribute swatch photos

    Hello, Starting new shop with WCFM multivendor/ swatches for woocommerce Pro / Alidropship Woo Problem I have is that when I import product from Aliexpress only variations pictures are imported. When importing variable product, new attribute swatch is created for example "Color" with...
  4. W

    Setting for Attributes as Dropdown

    Hi, I have a long list for my product attributes and it looks unorganized as a text or image buttons blob. The simple fix is a dropdown but the setting is not available on Alidropship plugin, but it is on the Woo version. Noticed that WooCom version of Alidropship allows you to do this as many...
  5. W

    URGENT: total confusion because of attribute names! after RESET PRODUCT - attributes mismatch

    i imported mobile phone cases in my shop. they have different ATTRIBUTES like MODEL or COLOR. eg: CASE for iphone XR in red when i import a product the supplier mostly have wrong ATTRIBUTE names for models or colors. EXAMPLE:
  6. K

    Can't change the order of attributes -> Always alphabetical

    Somehow I can't change the order of attributes in the product editor. All attributes have "Default sort order -> Custom ordering", but I can't seem to change the order of the attributes, causing the front end to show "L, M, S, XL" instead of "S, M, L, XL". I tried dragging and dropping...
  7. C

    What happens if I change the name of an attribute?

    When importing you can change the name of an attribute; for example, if the original attribute is "Color 1", can I change this to "Blue" or will it cause any errors when auto placing orders?
  8. E

    Feature Request

    Dear AliDropship Team, I would like to thank you all for offering us this great dropshipping plugin at an affordable price. I also highly encourage your constant effort in releasing new updates so that it can serve our purpose in a more robust way. I do know how time-consuming, faulty and...
  9. K

    Woocommerce plugin "Attributes not working for price change"

    I’m having a very serious problem with this plugin, my products have 2 attributes which are Length and colour. Under these two attributes, are so many variations of colours and lengths When i import products, the plugin imports all sorts of attributes which are not necessary and doesn’t work...
  10. M

    Import product wont create attributes/variation alidropship woo

    Hey, I am just wondering if its possible to tell the woo plugin that I want it to import sizes in variations on my product? And of course to auto order the right size. Please let me know where this setting is! best regards, Marcus
  11. anonymous1971

    How to change the name of an attribute permanently?

    When I import products from Aliexpress [ reading glasses ] There are two major important attributes......eye prescription and frame color. When i Change these two attribute names to my language..........after importing new products from Aliexpress it creates new attributes in the old language...