woo commerce

  1. Thordesign

    Payment procedure

    Good morning, I come to you hoping to find some help... I finally have my first order! When clicking on "place order automatically' I follow the process which asks me to add the delivery address (I therefore enter the address of the customer who ordered on my site). Then comes the choice of the...
  2. P

    I cant import products directly from aliexpress

    *Woocommerce* Hey guys, how u doing? i'm great ! so, lets get to the point, ive bought the plugin (alidropship) yesterday e added the extension today, ive also searched for several solutions, none of them worked. The point is, when i try to import a product from the WP dashboard it goes well...
  3. T

    The products I add with the Woocommerce Alidropship plugin are not visible if you are not logged in to Wordpress.

    Hi, if I am logged in to my wordpress store from /wp-admin, I can see the products in my store. Check out this screenshot. However, if you login to the store these products are not shown and my category is empty: https://frikino1-cp122.wordpresstemporal.com/sudaderas-frikis-originales/ Why is...
  4. mushrukh

    Alidropship Woo Plugin with CJ Dropshipping

    Hi ! I hope you all are safe and sound! I am thinking to use Ali woo plugin with CJ dropshipping rather than Aliexpress obviously because of the fast shipping and a good dropshipping supplier. I know there is NO integration of Alidropship Woo with CJ Dropshipping and I have to do manually...
  5. C

    License Key

    Hello, I just purchased the Alidropship Plug In but when I enter the license key it says wrong product. I read I need to reset it. Is there anyone that can help me? (I have emailed support with my info but it’s taking quite a while.)
  6. trixxmanaty

    conflict on shipping for own products

    Hi there, Please kindly assist. I am new to how the shipping on the alidropship plugin for Woocommerce works. I have set up a flat rate for my own products if the total cost is below $50 and free shipping for the cart with a minimum of $100. I have also set up a shipping class for my own...
  7. RasAlGhul

    Urgent help requested. Fatal Error with the plugin.

    Hello, I am using the woo version of the plugin. Currently moving my site from siteground to closte.com However, we are facing fatal error while migrating our site to the new host. PHP Fatal error: <br>The encoded file <b>/wp-content/plugins/alidswoo/core/core.php</b> is corrupt. in Unknown...
  8. I

    How do i fulfill (process an order) via Aliwoo.

    Hi i just received my first order via aliwoo. Please how do i process the order? i can see at the backend of WooCommerce an option by the right which says "Place order automatically" and "Get tracking" and beneath it, a drop down menu enlisting the following: 1. Email Invoice / order details to...
  9. malikycole88

    Add Product Specification To Description

    hey everyone i was wondering is there a feature to while importing products to move the Product Specification To Description
  10. R

    Can Alidropship create a Custom Website on my own hosting account?

    Hello. Before I purchase the Custom Store I wanted to know if Alidropship team would build a website on my own hosting account under my domain name that I purchased? I'm already familiar with Wordpress and could take over once the site is complete. Or is the only option to pay for there package...
  11. Cam

    Add Alidropship Woo Commerce

    Hello; Is it possible to add Alidropship woo commerce plugin to an established blog to add a store to the website? Thank you.
  12. vladimirtana

    AliDropship just stays on the license page all the time

    I have successfully entered license and tried using 7.2 and 7.1 PHP versions and plugin versions for each PHP and I have ionCube Loader installed and enabled by default on my hosting. However, the AliDropship just stays on the license page all the time. Could you please release an updated...
  13. yadrop

    Why all prices are different when I'm not logged ???

    Hello, I don't know why the prices of my products are not the same when I'm not logged to my site. Example: I set a product at 25€. When I'm connected I see the price 25€. But when I'm not logged, the price is less than 25€. Do you have an explication? Thank you
  14. J

    woo plugin is not working

    Any one facing this issue i am unable to import products !!
  15. anonymous1971

    V 0.8.20 of Ali Dropship Woo plugin >>> issue with importing order and tracking id and update products

    V 0.8.20 of Ali Dropship Woo plugin >>> issue with importing ordernumber # and tracking id and update products stays at 0% Someone has this issue as well?
  16. F

    Payment gateway Help

    Hi, can anyone recommend best payment gateway for the middle east region. Anyone tat dropship in the middle east? What payment gateway you use. Thank you :)
  17. A

    Selling my Gadgets Niche Store

    Hello, I am selling my Woocommerce alidropship website with 200+ products. Premium theme - DIGI. Alidropship plugin, Social Rabbit Plugin, Facebook Business Plugin, Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Twitter Page, Pinterest Page. I have set CloudFlare plus Argo and Super Cache Plugin. I have also...
  18. L

    Online General Store For Sale

    Selling my general store. Built with the Ali woo Plug-In, Flatsome premium Wordpress theme and premium plugins like yith custom thank you pages plugin yith frequently bought together plugin yith abandoned cart plugin etc There are 45+ products suggested by http://ecomhunt.com uploaded and...
  19. anonymous1971

    So I need to have this open 24/7/365 or else.....

    "The auto updating is getting processed only when your Google Chrome browser is opened" What this means to me is or how i interpret is: it only auto updates when your chrome browser is opened and you need to have your browser opened 24/7/365 or else the system will not update and once a day is...
  20. £

    Woo Plugin Installed & Activated but NOT in Wordpress sidebar

    Hi I bought, installed and activated the alidropship woo plugin but it's not showing in the dashboard sidebar as per the uploaded file. Please help asap.