Selling my Gadgets Niche Store


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I am selling my Woocommerce alidropship website with 200+ products. Premium theme - DIGI. Alidropship plugin, Social Rabbit Plugin, Facebook Business Plugin, Facebook Page, Instagram Page, Twitter Page, Pinterest Page. I have set CloudFlare plus Argo and Super Cache Plugin. I have also integrated Google Tag manager plus e-commerce Google Analytics tracking (I'm Google Analytics Certified).

Several popular niches - WiFi Headphones, Smart Watches, Camping Gadgets, Home Cinema and more.

10+ orders for this month. Total REVENUE - 75$. 10 orders from several shout outs in Instagram.


Link -
Price with - USD $950
Payment can go from PayPal
If someone buys the site, I am pushing the domain and sending the backup plus ownership for all social media pages.

The site have great potential. I have also done some great posts for SEO and some external links and on some pages I already have good rankings. It just need someone to write good articles on a regular basis plus some external links. I am selling it because I want to move to different niche.

I don't login here daily, so please for any questions, email me
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