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  1. C

    Does Alidropship work with woo commerce?

    Hello guys, I have watched quite a few videos on alidropship. But can't figure something out yet! Does alidropship work independently or work with existing woo commerce store? And in term of payment gateway, alidropship seems very limiting. I am using a payment gateway which is not a big...
  2. anonymous1971

    assign cents does not work anymore after latest update woocommerce plugin

    see visuals...when set to 99........does not set prices to 99
  3. anonymous1971

    Woocommerce plugin updates

    Any insight on updates for the woocommerce plugin....especially tracking.....my customers are complaining everyday about delivery times. When is the update?
  4. anonymous1971

    Woocommerce ali drop ship plugin tracking option

    We sell products and we really need the tracking option available for customers to track their orders because they are complaining. When is is available?
  5. anonymous1971

    ?Addresses Limit Exceeded?

    See visual please.
  6. anonymous1971

    All those nice features........but...

    I read some interesting news about updates on the plugin.......when do these new functions be available for woocommerce? I even want to pay more to get these features in the woo plugin
  7. dustindetorres

    Moving from Non-Woo to Woo

    Hey guys. I'm newer to the eCommerce space so pardon if this question doesn't make sense. We currently have an AliDrop website not using Woo Commerce. Is it possible at all to migrate a current store to the Woo version of AliDrop? If so, what's involved? Why you say? Well, we have been looking...