$28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

Hey superstars and awesome people.

Never knew ecom is that fucking easy.

Opened a new general store with some cool stuffs in it 30 days ago. And bang bang the results are just awesome.

Its not a niche store

Selling no cheap products like products below 10 dollars.

Targeting USA and Australia

Target medium: Fb ads
Audience: retail shopkeepers

Using alidropship woo version.

Using Print on Demand services also like one can design own merchandise with own name and blah blah.

Spent 900$ on fb ads so far

Started with a budget of $5 per adset per day

After calculating everything and paying out sourcing charges and all i am left with $14.5k in profits.

Would love to help you guys as much as possible to achieve some big numbers.

Thanks Yaros for this plugin. Total control I have on my site now.

Hi, what is the Yaros plug-in? Thanks


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Hello mates

From last few months we are working on something very cool. An automated completely managed e-commerce SAAS platform that will help dropshippers immensely.
I need 10 beta testers to review the platform functionality and give suggestions or pinpoint errors or bugs.

Every Beta tester will get an e-commerce Dropshipping store as a free gift (worth 500$)

Write to me on email address: webrily@gmail.com and tell why you should be given access to beta test.
I need only 10 people

Happy weekend :)
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Hello mates
I was working on a strategic method to rank my product listing pages on Google first page on first position within 24 hours using YouTube.

After some hit and trials i am able to make this approach work amazingly.
And the best part is its not that tough to do. I am creating a PDF with steps included on how to do it. I will share my personal results also on it. Its an old method i used to follow some years ago when i was into affiliate marketing
But now i developed this method with a new blend to make use of Google and YouTube together to rank any product page or listing on Google first page within 24 hours.

I won't be sharing the pdf publicly here to avoid any method saturation.
This method is Great for people looking for Organic sales.

I will be sending this PDF to anyone for free as a gift who'll approach me on email webrily@gmail.com and ask for it.

Sharing is Caring

Hi Kingpin,
Is the pdf offer still available? I'll appreciate it too.
Sending you an email right away.

Thank you.
With some of the huge markups I've seen some dropshippers using...this will affect mainly the greedy. My markups are about the same as normal retail, so if I increased it slightly, my prices would still be competitive and I'll maintain my current profits. My advice? Don't be greedy. Be realistic. :)
Just wanting to share an update

Its almost confirmed now that the shipping method epacket will be discontinued in USA or the prices will increase.

This move by US will surely going to effect dropshipping businesses targeting USA.
Don't worry @kingpin a genius like you, will always find a way to make money

- Create more value for the customer
- Increase prices
- etc.

Between wolves we understand each other. Ahahah