$28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

Hi everybody, this is Nico from Argentina.

@kingpin, I've read the full thread in order to get some insights on how you operate. I'm still not an owner of an ecommerce store, basically for a doubt on how the financials of this business work. I'm having some trouble to understand how the cashflow works (not the flow itself, but the US accounts, credit card payments, paypal, alipay, etc). Do you have any referral site that addresses this problem?

I have a monthly salary to back the initial sales, so the strategy I thought about was:

For sales money:
  1. Ecommerse sale payment goes to Paypal
  2. I use my personal credit card to order on AliExpress
  3. Cancel the credit card debt with my salary
  4. Accumulate profits in Paypal Account
  5. Start using paypal account money to buy on AliExpress
For Ads I was thinking on using my credit cards, covering the expenses with my monthly salary (keeping an eye on the ROI in the Paypal account).

Do you think this is a good strategy for starters? How would/did you implement it?

Thanks for your time!