$28,000+ in sales with a brand new store

Nothing is saturated its a common line when a person try a niche and it doesn't work and thn we say its saturated

Facebook is 2 billion people kingdom
And u think u wont find 1000 buyers atleast. ??

Everything depends on how a person target and market products.

Yaros selling harry potter stuffs on his site, dont u think there were already many sites selling harry potter but then still yaros is earning too

There is a market for everyone

Are you talking about this store? https://www.trustpilot.com/review/worldofharry.com
That's ancient history. As is Kingpin's post. Why bother commenting on it now?

That was Yarros's pioneer/flagship site when he first developed the Alipdropship plugin. It proved that the plugin and the Aliexpress dropshipping model worked. It's long gone now and most sensible people have learned the lesson of not selling products related to big time copyrighted things like Disney, Marvel, DC Comics, American/British Television series and movies. All those entities produce their own merchandise and get pretty pissed if someone starts selling Chinese copies.

But there's still plenty of idiots out there that ignore that lesson.

The only exception to that lesson is Manga and Animi stuff which is created by the Japanese, and they don't produce any merchandise for it themselves, and don't care about others producing merchandise for it. There's one member who's making 100s of 1000s of dollars out of it.



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