$28,000+ in sales with a brand new store


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Hey mates,
I'll be in US for a month for business and vacation. If you're somewhere near my locations, would love to meet and help anyone struggling with their e-commerce business in realtime for free.

Send me a personal inbox message here on the forum and I will keep you inform about my schedule, locations and other information.

Hi,I want to ask your thought is it easy to built Ali Dropshipping with woo plug-in?
My opinion ... Yes. If you have a normal level of intelligence, creativity and are prepared to research the docs and go through a learning curve of a few days to a couple of weeks.

That rules out about 80% of this forum. ;)
Hi mates an another happy shoutout to everyone here who are still struggling to even make $100 a day. I am creating a PDF where i will be giving you a trick that will give you sales within hours and the best part its a free trick but very powerful

This worked for everyone i shared the trick with so far. The only issue with this trick is that it can not be scaled but great for anyone wanting some sales within 24 hours without spending a single dime on ads on facebook.

Just comment below if you need it as i won't be sharing it publicly to keep it safe from over saturation

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please share it with me. I am a newbie.