1. F

    Pricing bug with AliDroShip Woo 1.6.70 HELP!!!

    Alidropship Woo 1.6.70 Wordpress 6.5.2 PHP 8.1.28 WooCommerce 8.8.2 AliDropShip Google Extension Hello, I've noticed a problem with the display of the prices of my products. The price displayed on my site does not correspond to the price displayed on Aliexpress + the price tagging...
  2. bshihan

    wordpress update

    Hi, Im using wordpress 5.4.6 version for alidropship plugins is it ok if i update to wordpress ver.5.7.2 please advice
  3. B

    Shopify ali dropshipping HELP

    Hi all This is my first post so I'm sorry if I've posted in the wrong place. I am considering purchasing a premium store. I have been watching video after video and now I'm a bit confused.. Do I need to use shopify for ali dropship premium store? Is Shopify a competitor of ali dropship or do...
  4. Blz

    Blurry images on Da Vinci 2.0

    Hello, I'm using Alidropship original plugin + Da Vinci 2.0 theme in one of my shops. Unfortunately, I just realized that all the gallery images on product pages look super blurry and not sharp (even if the original ones are sharp and high res 800x800+) The same problem on desktop and mobile...
  5. S

    Problem with Product Updates. It doesn't work

    Dear Customer service, Today I was trying to update my products list. It doesn't work. It stays forever on "In progress" status with 0% in the bar (I tried to wait around 3 hours). You can see it in the picture attached. I run the last version of the plugin and the last version of the...
  6. Omor Faruk

    The Produced can't be delivered to any country Contact us for details

    Hello, Some product of my website show an alert when i click in Add to cart button , The message is "The Produced can't be delivered to any country Contact us for details" , i sent mail to support but they don't replay , So why this message is showing ? And How to solve it . If you click this...
  7. nardog03

    Product Reviews Not Showing

    Hello I am having issues with the product reviews showing on the front end of the product page. The plugin is importing the reviews but it won't show at all, I have tried multiple review plugins but it is still giving me this issue. Any solution will help. Thank you
  8. M

    cpanel update notice

    Hi, I keep getting a mail from cpanel@srv41.alidropship.com saying I have to update the site software (see document attached "cpanel mail"). But when I click on the link that redirects me to the cpanel site software, it tells me I cannot do the upgrade on Wordpress, and that I have to use the...
  9. patayintattoo

    Lost and confused

    Hello - I have been trying to update my markup formula for my woocommerce/wordpress shop with the Alidrop ship plugin. I am using the standard woocomerce store template and everything was working fine until today. I have decided to add a new formula for a new collection I wanted to add to my...
  10. Morgan

    Why did Stripe close the integration with our WooCommerce store, and what payment alternatives are there?

    Hi. My team and I have been working to create a website for drop-shipping the previous weeks. Everything was coming along nicely, with Stripe set up and test payments successfully made. When out of the blue, I receive an alarming message from Stripe informing us that our website is considered...
  11. M

    Alidropship Plugin Crash Google Chrome

    After 10 minutes of work the Alidropship Plugin doesn't worn anymore Everyday is the same It's impossible to work for me in this way Sometimes after 30 minutes I have to close the browser and then start again losing all pages opened . Sometimes even with this doesn't work , it's like the...
  12. L

    Product Landing Page/Funnel Creation

    I will create landing pages for your Wordpress powered eCom Store. The landing pages will be created with the following premium WordPress plugins Profit Builder Social Locker Thrive leads The landing pages will have features in the video below: Courtesy: Kingpin PM me your questions and...
  13. D

    Database server

    Someone knows Which is the name of the database server? I'm doing a new website with a subdomain and worpress requires that information to be able to create the site I'm using alidropship hosting
  14. D

    Do I really have to delete and install again wordpress to install Woocommerce plug in?

    Can I just delete alidropship plug in and install woocommerce version?
  15. Y

    Unable to login WordPress app with site address

    Im trying to access my store on WordPress Android app>"Login to your site by entering site address instead"> i entered site url it gives err-Could not connect to WordPress site. There is no valid WordPress site present at this address. Check the site address (URL) you entered. What to do? how...
  16. marketingal

    So very lost on this! Help Please...anyone...?

    I am missing something or missed a step somewhere as I cannot figure out what to do at WordPress.com for a theme and then the plugin. I purchased the hosting here at Alidropship and have purchased my domain, bought the plugin SO....can I not use the Free Version Of WordPress to use the plugins...
  17. J

    Issues with php7.1 and alidropship wordpress plugin

    Hello Alidropship support, Is there a separate plugin solely for php7.1 that is available for download? How can i resolve issues with the compatibility of my plugin and php7.1? Currently I am using your wordpress plugin: AliDropship ver. 0.9.20 – 24.01.2018 (current version) upon switching my...
  18. wanabud

    WordApp (Mobile App) Plugin for Wordpress

    Hello all, I wanna ask about WordApp ( https://wordpress.org/plugins/wordapp-mobile-app/ ) Wordpress Plugin for creating Mobile App, is anyone has a experience using this plugin with Alidropship website ? Is this plugin compatible with alidropship? I hope anyone can answer my question, because...
  19. £

    Woo Plugin Installed & Activated but NOT in Wordpress sidebar

    Hi I bought, installed and activated the alidropship woo plugin but it's not showing in the dashboard sidebar as per the uploaded file. Please help asap.
  20. D

    Woo Plugin and Regular Plugin?

    Hi, Can some expert peers please, suggest the difference and advantages and disadvantages of Woo plugin and the Regular plugin. I'm trying to buy a theme so before that I would like to understand if woo theme will be better or just a regular WordPress base theme would be better. Looking...