Product Reviews Not Showing



I am having issues with the product reviews showing on the front end of the product page. The plugin is importing the reviews but it won't show at all, I have tried multiple review plugins but it is still giving me this issue.

Any solution will help.

Thank you


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Interesting note - if product reviews are enabled at store level (in WooCommerce settings) then the option at product level is ticked by default when a product is added. If the option is disabled at store level then it's unticked by default at product level. When you update the setting at store level it doesn't update product settings so they need to be manually updated, but going forward any new products will have the same setting as whatever is set in WooCommerce, can use the product level setting to disable reviews for individual products.


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Do you always pay attention to reviews? The fact is that many reviews are not true, and many competitors are trying to ruin someone's reputation by writing bad reviews. Nowadays, you can use the service at, where you can order real positive reviews and everyone will pay attention to them. Therefore, when I choose a product, it is only for recommendations.
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