1. D

    Reviews Page display

    Hello, i would like to kindly ask if there is any troubleshooting i could do to display all the reviews in the reviews page. I import normally but they never show in the reviews single page i made. I see a loader with 4 dots but then blank page. On products the reviews are displayed below...
  2. P

    Automate Customer Review Request

    Hello Hoping somebody is will to share there knowledge please. I'm wondering what system/s you have used to send customer review request automatically after receiving there order? Everything I seem to come up with is labor intensive and really hoping there is a automated way to do this...
  3. the_lyall

    How to make real product review name format match imported product review name format

    When you import product reviews using AliDropship it uses the first name of the buyer with everything apart from the first and last letters replaced with asterisks. For example Katherine becomes K*******e and Mar would become M*r. When a review is added from the front end of your site it...
  4. nardog03

    Product Reviews Not Showing

    Hello I am having issues with the product reviews showing on the front end of the product page. The plugin is importing the reviews but it won't show at all, I have tried multiple review plugins but it is still giving me this issue. Any solution will help. Thank you
  5. sha77

    Verified buyer reviews all come from the same country?

    For some products, all the verified buyer reviews comes from the same country on the web page, which looks suspect and untrustworthy. When I compare this to the original shop on AliExpress, I see reviews from countless countries. How come the Alidropship plugin automatically imports reviews...
  6. Blz

    Disable reviews date on Davinci 2.0 ?

    hey, This option was present on davinci 1.0, but not 2.0, this is quite sad imo, was it removed on purpose? if so, any way to do it manually ?
  7. nardog03

    Change The Look Of The Product Review Layout

    Hey Alidropship Team, I think you should look at changing the layout of the Alidropship review. Looking at reviews platforms like Loox or Ryviu they have helped many other stores in its conversion rate by changing they display for the reviews to be shown in a grid format instead of the standard...
  8. Mahavir Surana

    Import reviews issue

    Sir, On Import Reviews page function of some buttons are not worked. For details attached here screenshot image with issue details, please see. Thanks.
  9. D

    Import up to 5 reviews

    Hey all, we are importing reviews to our store and I realised that in case the product has more than 20 reviews, we need to import at least all those 20 reviews. Since we need to manually translate them to other language we would be happy to import like 5 reviews only. However it seems to be...
  10. Takerian

    Changing colors in review block

    I've changed color from the default orange to a green everywhere in the Customization settings. However the text (100%) and the percentage bar in the REAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS block on a single product page are still orange. Where should I change that? My theme is Davinci 2, version 1.2.3. I'm...
  11. S

    Removing star ratings on products

    I've initially imported reviews to my products then deleted it. But the star ratings are still showing on my products. How can i remove it?
  12. I

    3 months, no sales yet!

    Hi everyone! I launched an ecommerce site (using Alidropship custom store) about 3 months now. My product nich is baby/toddler clothing, accesories and toys mainly. Created Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and instagram profiles with social rabbit autoposting. Advertised through facebook and...
  13. JasonP

    Reviews Import - Did not match any reviews for this product

    Did any one get this message when importing reviews: Did not match any reviews for this product? I've seen this for about 6 different products now where all of them have valid reviews in the original Aliexpress stores. I played with the selection criteria like the number of stars, images...
  14. P

    AliDropship Reviews On Product Page

    AliDropship automatically overrides the reviews section of the product page - unfortunately this has a lot of limitations that are confusing/frustrating for store owners and customer's alike. Please see below: 1. Does not allow store owner to edit photos attached to reviews once imported. So...
  15. E

    Feature Request

    Dear AliDropship Team, I would like to thank you all for offering us this great dropshipping plugin at an affordable price. I also highly encourage your constant effort in releasing new updates so that it can serve our purpose in a more robust way. I do know how time-consuming, faulty and...
  16. Mike T


    It looks like there are quite a few people running successful businesses using the Ali Dropship plugin. The plugin itself and the idea that it is based on are great. You are sourcing products and selling them at a slightly higher price. However, the review part of the plugin is risky if you...
  17. I

    Reviews Country Code

    Hi! I've noticed that when importing reviews plugin does not write anywhere country code in database. Is it possible to insert country code into comment_author_IP table? Many thanks.
  18. mushrukh


    Hi while I importthe reviews of my country only from AliExpress.. the reviews from other countries also get imported with a different language.. I importthe review individually .. @Victoria Kudryashova
  19. S

    Suggestion to add filter to reviews import

    Hi @Yaros and team, Right now i spend tons of time going through the imported reviews to remove reviews that contain garbage or words like Aliexpress etc. Can you please add a way to not import reviews that contain words that we can set? There is another plugin that has this feature so i'm...
  20. M

    Error While Adding Reviews to Products

    Hi I imported reviews to my dropship site. However, when I click on the product to see if the reviews were imported, I see the error below. Please help. Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function get_review_count() on array in...