1. R

    Review importing

    Hi, I have a question that with Review import. I'm new to drop-ship. When I setup my store I imported Products and Reviews. All products I imported 4&5 Starts. So when I import reviews. I selected 4&5 Starts reviews. Now my question is, Is this right OR violating business ethics? I just...
  2. G

    Reviews also auto updated ?

    Hello Friends. I would like to know whether the reviews also auto updated like product description and prices from aliexpress ? Thanks
  3. Jess

    Issue with reviews import

    Hi Not sure if this is a bug or what but in wordpress discussion settings, i have comment moderation setup so no links, swear words etc get through. But when i import reviews with the plugin, a strange thing happens. I get an email to approve a review but when i check , that review has...