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I keep getting a mail from saying I have to update the site software (see document attached "cpanel mail"). But when I click on the link that redirects me to the cpanel site software, it tells me I cannot do the upgrade on Wordpress, and that I have to use the built-in tools.
Could you help me with this ?

cpanel site software issue.JPGcpanel mail.JPG

Direct Webstore

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What version of Wordpress do you have? That's saying it's 4.9.8! It's now 5.1.1 as it says in that message.

You should have a link at the top of your WP-Admin page to udate Wordpress.

Go have a look.

But I've never seen an email like that before.



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Yep follow @Direct Webstore advice and just manually update from within WordPress. The script installer "should" then detect the updated version and stop sending you emails.