1. Mayank Sharma

    I'm Stuck Product Getting In Draft

    Hello, Alidropship team I am stuck with this issue please help me every time I published product after few hrs or so all products including the published on getting in the draft. thanks
  2. Zeev Dzialoshinsky


    Since I update my WP to version 4.8.1 any one who want to buy product and he choose Stripe Credit Card after he filling his address and personal details he have to click "proceed to Pay" instead of going to fill credit card details page he getting into a loop and he need to fill his address and...
  3. Zeev Dzialoshinsky

    WordPress update

    Can I update WordPress to WordPress 4.8.1 with no worry?
  4. J

    Ali dropship plugin not compatible with version of WordPress?

    Hi Guys, Yaros and the team, thank you for this plugin. However i am sceptical of updating the plugin on the wp dashboard as it says "Warning: This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress." However I have the newest version of WordPress, can i ignore this message and...
  5. S

    Inmotion hosting (Shared hosting) is good for ecommerce website ?

    I am planning to choose Inmotion hosting for hosting my wordpress website woocommerce for aliexpress dropshipping It is a Shared business hosting model "PRO" Plan I will be paying 7.99/month using discount coupon. Please guide me whether this decision is right or not . Is there any better...