woo plugin

  1. S

    Addresses Limit Exceeded

    Hi, I've got the AliDropship for Woo plugin. I'm currently testing with a view to going live very soon. I've hit a showstopper! I got the message 'Addresses Limit Exceeded'. After some confusion, I hit the 'Clear shipping address' button. I now have a situation whereby the plugin is beginning...
  2. Joshualit

    Selling My Custom Store built by Alidropship Team. (Delivered to me April 11)

    I have to sell my store on www.decoralit.com Looking to sell my store as i don't have marketing budget the hosting that is valid till March 2020 All social media login details. The WordPress login. Business email login Full access to the site Some details about my offer...
  3. salemzaid1

    Import Process Stops On Category Pages - AliWoo

    Hi We have had this problem since the beginning. Anytime you attempt to import entire categories from Ali, it runs for a few products then it just stops. It'll stop at 5/48 for example, and just won't run. If you try to open another tab for a different page number, the import at the top does not...
  4. jaykay

    Existing Store Owners - Can we get some tips for the users who are just getting started?

    I am new to Alidropship and starting this thread after I came across different issues while creating my store with Woocommerce. I am able to find some answers and help from this forum. Hence, I thought I should create a post where I and other new users can get tips from the experienced store...
  5. S

    Plugin altered wodpress / woo CSS and can no longer read text

    After installing the plugin, I can no longer read the status of my pages as it made all the text white, which blends in with the default wordpress / woo background. How can I override this, and change the text from white to black? Screenshots attached.
  6. S

    Question on tracking

    I sent a test order (to get a sample of the product) to myself to see how the plugin works from a customer perspective and to test shipping times. The issue I have is on the order form the customer would receive, it shows the tracking ID. I do not want them to see that information. How can...
  7. A

    Pricing Markup Formula is setting prices to $0.00

    I have added the recommended pricing formula of alidropship but when I import products it price is Zero in my store. Please tell me how to fix it. I have attached the formula.
  8. S

    Error Establishing a Database Connection

    Hi, I got the site hosted by the alidropship 2 days back. Since then, the website keeps giving the error, initially I gave time for propagation, but still it is giving the same error. Also, I have been provided with the standalone plugin installed in the wordpress, and I want to have woo...
  9. omktg

    WooCommerce 3.3 + Release Highlights + Template File Changes + Deprecated Functions And Methods

    WooCommerce just released a huge update (3.3) that is available for beta testing... You can read everything about it here: https://woocommerce.wordpress.com/2017/12/12/woocommerce-3-3-beta-is-here/ Looks that all themes and plugins/extensions must be tested/updated before using this version of...
  10. D

    Woo Plugin and Regular Plugin?

    Hi, Can some expert peers please, suggest the difference and advantages and disadvantages of Woo plugin and the Regular plugin. I'm trying to buy a theme so before that I would like to understand if woo theme will be better or just a regular WordPress base theme would be better. Looking...
  11. P

    Alidropship Woo it generates prices from original price on aliexpress, not sale price

    Hi, I have set up alidropship woo plugin and imported products. And also set the pricing settings but there is problem with the pricings of products. I want my products' prices to be (aliexpress real time price + my pricing amount) but it generates the prices from aliexpress original price. To...
  12. jubran

    Sale bugs with WooCommerce & Slowness

    I am listing items in my store and I don't want a sale price. I mean I don't want to delete the price of the sale every time but want it automatically to be set without a sale. Is that possible? In addition, after removing the sale price, I am getting -100% discount on the items in my store...
  13. M

    Direct Import and all different prices...

    I am still a newbie to Alidropship. I am confused. I wanted to stick to one vendor for my product so I only use Direct Import. I ran into issues. The price of the item on Aliexpress shows $3.50. The sale price shows $3.33. I multiplied by 3. So, the price of the item would then be $10.50...
  14. cristiane

    Thème pour woodropship

    Hello, Can someone tell me a modern theme and already tested for the plugin woodroship? Because the theme buy the gem is not too compatible it blocks the administration settings ...