Alidropship Woo it generates prices from original price on aliexpress, not sale price


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I have set up alidropship woo plugin and imported products. And also set the pricing settings but there is problem with the pricings of products.

I want my products' prices to be (aliexpress real time price + my pricing amount) but it generates the prices from aliexpress original price.

To be clear, when a product is on sale on aliexpress, i want my pricing changes according to it.
Like, SALE PRICE + MY PROFIT (this one i prefer for my store)

So how can i solve this problem?

And also, if i would like to put my products on sale on my website, how can i do it? Should i use another plugin for it??

Thanks in advance

The Dropper

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sale price = sale price + your profit !! do you see the math error here ? the pricing formula work with the original price only & you can add your margin to it, you can try set a % instead of a flat margin in case you are worried about not getting enough profit.


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There has been a misunderstanding.
I mean the discounted price (on sale price).
For ex. the original price of the product is 55.95 dollars and the discounted(on sale) price is 35.95 dollars on ALIEXPRESS.
I want my site generates the prices from discounted price and i want to add my margin onto discounted price shown on aliexpress.
How can i do that?
Because alidropship woo plugin generates the prices from original price on aliexpress not the discounted price.
Thanks for your reply.

Gav Ed

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I notice that when I use the AliDropship plugin "pricing" the original retail pricing is too low. i.e. the Sales price is $10.00 and the original retail pricing is $12.00. That isn't good. How can I get the retail pricing to be/show at least 50% more than the sale price?