1. sha77

    Set and keep discount percentages after updates

    With over a hundred products I like to keep the prices up date by updating them automatically overnight with Alidropship. The problem is that some shops at AliExpress haven't defined the discount field, so it's set to zero. I can set this myself in AliDropship for my customers, but every night...
  2. sha77

    Don't let auto-updating prices reset the discounts

    Here is something for the next version of plugin. To get current prices on the products you need to keep automatic price updates on, but, having it on also resets any discounts that you have manually assigned to any products (that is by adjusting Product price and Sale Price). Why not have a box...
  3. sha77

    Why does auto-updating prices reset the discount?

    Here is something for the next version of plugin. To get current prices on the products you need to keep automatic price updates on, but, having it on also resets any discounts that you have manually assigned to any products (that is by adjusting Product price and Sale Price). Why not have a box...
  4. yadrop

    Why all prices are different when I'm not logged ???

    Hello, I don't know why the prices of my products are not the same when I'm not logged to my site. Example: I set a product at 25€. When I'm connected I see the price 25€. But when I'm not logged, the price is less than 25€. Do you have an explication? Thank you
  5. I

    Price re-setting after import

    Is there any quick method to re-establish product price once import the product? I mean, in case of single product is quick.... but in case of variable product that has more than 5 pages? o.O WITHOUT USING ALIDROPSHIP PLUGIN FORMULA!. Thank you.
  6. AryanShirani

    Products Prices BUG/PROBLEM

    Hi, i have a new problem here with the product price. So the problem is that the product costs $12.99 for example on my store, and when you add it to the cart it cost $12.80 and when you pay with paypal or credit cart it cost $12.00 - On my setting i have activated Assign cents: 99,80,90 I am...
  7. P

    Alidropship Woo it generates prices from original price on aliexpress, not sale price

    Hi, I have set up alidropship woo plugin and imported products. And also set the pricing settings but there is problem with the pricings of products. I want my products' prices to be (aliexpress real time price + my pricing amount) but it generates the prices from aliexpress original price. To...
  8. nardog03

    Question about product stock and pricing updates

    I am new to using the Alidropship plugin, i have a Shopify store that imports all my products from Aliexpress using Oberlo and when a supplier would change the pricing of the product or if the product inventory is sold out it would display on the Oberlo dashboard. In my recent time using...
  9. Barbara

    Pricing Updates

    Hi, I didn't know this forum existed! How did I miss it before now!? Also, isn't there a search forum button? I don't have time to scroll through endless pages... Problem: I changed my pricing formula yesterday, and pressed update... After checking my site, I saw prices way out of whack, i.e...
  10. Moha

    Change price and discount% for products

    Hi, I have set up a new store and adding products. I have set up pricing formula rules. However, I want to know how to change old price and discount% for products with variations. If a product is priced at $5 at aliexpress, I set up rule as 2x. The selling price in my site is $10. But the...
  11. S

    Price changing automatically with no formulas

    In the past we used formulas, but it was getting in the way of how we were changing pricing, so we deleted the forumla, and now we have none. Although the FRONT-END pricing is still changing. When the plugin is enabled it shows a different price, when it is disabled it shows the correct price...
  12. M

    Product Price / Sale Price Automatic update

    How are the product price and sale price updated when affected by the pricing formula? E.g. Formula; $0 < cost < $1, Price = $5 $1 < cost < $2, Price = $10 If the supplier cost is originally $1.50 but their sale price is $0.75 (50%). What does my SALE and PRODUCT price become?
  13. H

    Pricing Issue with Pricing Margin

    Hello, I'm having a lot of issues with my pricing margin and "rounding" in cents. So I have the pricing margin set up exactly like alidropship blog post. $0-$2 = $7.95 $2-$5 = $9.95 $5-$30 x 2 etc... Rounding in cents = 95 However, I'm running into an issue where my item on aliexpress cost...
  14. Abu Saeed Mohammad Sayem

    Improve Pricing and Discount Formula

    Hello, This is Sam from the USA, a new drop shipper. Recently I've started my business and I found some uncomfortable situation with Pricing and Discount formula. Here I'd like to discuss that. Now AliDropship plugin setting up the pricing and discounts as AliExpress Offers. Let me explain, iPad...
  15. A

    Product Price not automatically updating

    hey, the product prices are not automatically updating. i have to do it manually in the plugin. i have sold something and it was a discount price as i put it on my store. the discount price is over and somone bought the product. i had pay by myself for this product. can someone fix it?
  16. S

    Price Rounding Issue

    Hi All, My shop has the latest versions of AliDropship plugin and Davici Theme. I set the price rounding rule to 99 cents in US Dollar. So supposedly all the product prices should be listed and sold like $12.99, $18.99 etc. The product archive and cart pages are displaying the prices correctly...
  17. Shays

    Formula pricing not working for variations

    I'm dealing with different products variations with very different pricing sometimes. Let's say I have a product with two variations, one costs $10, the other $100. The product is listed for $10. I set a formula for $10 to be multiplied by 2, and for $100 to be multiplied by 1.5. The end...
  18. ZbigniewPL

    Price updating issue

    Hello I've already got some products which are not from AE. I have added them by myself, set prices and then turned off updating. When I update prices of all products the products i have added by myself have 0 price. Seems like turning off updating is not working well. Thanks