1. JorgeL


    Hi Support, I have noticed that my countdown timer is not working properly at the moment. When I add the countdown timer to any product it appears twice!. I have deactivated all none related ALidropship plugin just to discard any incompatibility with other WordPress plugin and the issue...
  2. JorgeL

    Can't update Gift Box plugin

    For some reason, I can't update the Gift Box plugin to its latest version. Every time I try to update the plugin, it appears to do it properly but when I check the update section in the WordPress Dashboard again, the plugin is still requesting the update.
  3. T


    Hi, as per title, the reviews are importing and the single product page will show the number of reviews however in the review block, there are no reviews displayed below the review count It only shows 'write review' it does not show the imported reviews See attached thanks!
  4. Blz

    BEST DEALS Category

    Hey My "Best Deals" category, the issue started some weeks ago, I tried everything to fix it but nope. Why, How? The "Best Deals" Category keeps showing up some products which are not even discounted, even the lowest one (also tried 1% discount), on the top positions from the category. The...
  5. Mahavir Surana

    Import reviews issue

    Sir, On Import Reviews page function of some buttons are not worked. For details attached here screenshot image with issue details, please see. Thanks.
  6. Dylan-

    Few remarks about Social Rabbit

    Hello Folks, I would like to understand a bit better how social rabbit works. For now, I'd like to focus on the Instagram part. 1. GIF's I have tried to use the GIF's for some of my stories, however, when the gif is posted as a story i get a static image which doesn't give any results. What...
  7. R

    IonCube for PHP 7.2 installed, yet AliWOO 7.2 not detecting it

    First installation of AliWOO on my wordpress website : Create a phpinfo.php file, checked my PHP version with it : PHP Version 7.2.9 So I get the AliWOO for Ioncube 7.2, upload to my website, activate it Answer : "Ooops! ionCube Loader Not found. Please check instructions...

    Wordpress HTTPS Issue

    Hi! I just started an hosting silver plan with Alidropship, linked my DNS to my domain, all was good until I had an issue with security SSL and HTTPS trying to set it up. Now when I try to connect in my Wordpress admin a message appear about security Https warnings and I can't log in WP, my ID...
  9. JulienB

    Installation issue / ionCube loarder

    Hello guys, I have a problem with ionCUbe. When I activate alidswoo_ion plugin, I have the following message: "Error! ionCube Loader Not found. Please check instructions." The website is hosted by 1and1. Here is the configuration: Wordpress 4.9.4 Woocommerce 3.3.3 Alidswoo_ion plugin 0.8.1...
  10. N

    New Alidropship store

    Hello Dear, I have created new store about jewelry. I also promoted it on Facebook many times but unit now I don't get any sales. Please suggest or advise me some tips! My website is Thanks
  11. Hunor Barabas

    Unformatted Category Articles

    Hello! I have a problem with the article that can be written on the product category pages. No matter how I format it, the end result will be one big block of text. I find it really hard to read it this way. Is there (or will there be) a way to format that text properly? Thank you! Oh...
  12. ZbigniewPL

    Lot number issue

    I found new issue on product page. I've just added new product to my store and set lot number to 10. It means when someone buy one piece, there will be 10 in the package. System does nothing when Lot number is changed.