My "Best Deals" category, the issue started some weeks ago, I tried everything to fix it but nope.

Why, How?

The "Best Deals" Category keeps showing up some products which are not even discounted, even the lowest one (also tried 1% discount), on the top positions from the category.

The category is supposed to sort the products by the biggest to lowest discounted prices right, but not here anymore, and I can't get rid of the unwanted products from the top positions.

Example: On DaVinci 1.0, The "Best Deals" Category has 8 spots, for the best deals (obviously), but here, I keep getting products with the lowest discounts, and even the ones not on sale.

What did I try?

Almost everything, I tried to change the prices (up, down), edited the posting date of the products, unpublished the products then published them back, edited quantities, nope, nothing worked.

Possible issue pattern?

Yep, I am 99% sure that this issue is popping when you update a supplier of a product which turned "out of stock".
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Finally found out what went wrong, you have to reset attributes/variations manually even if you did it already when updating the supplier