1. L

    alidropship extension

    when i go to direct import from aliexpress. in the head in the dropdownlist categore box. the drop down list categories did not show all the categories in my wp site. there is categories missed did not appear in the list. any one face problem like this can help with that
  2. Blz

    BEST DEALS Category

    Hey My "Best Deals" category, the issue started some weeks ago, I tried everything to fix it but nope. Why, How? The "Best Deals" Category keeps showing up some products which are not even discounted, even the lowest one (also tried 1% discount), on the top positions from the category. The...
  3. R

    Problem with Category Title Display

    Hello, I am using the Rembrandt theme. Could someone tell me why, when you click on a category in the menu, that the display heading title (that's the heading under the menu but before the product images) is showing OK for some categories, yet in others it is just showing as "<img src=''...
  4. 1

    Parent category including

    Hello I have a qustion My site have many category. category is 3 depth When I 48 item list importing I choose sub-category. but .. after importing.. It was not checked parent categories.. help me!!! I use alidroship woo version
  5. Lincoln Gadea

    Tutorial for mount categories

    Helo, do you have any tutorials to help you work with davinci theme categories? Becouse i have problem with links created in the categories. The link is duplicate one directory of site.
  6. Mar

    Number of products shown in Davinci theme category, and changing order default order number.

    Guys, I want my website live now, but since there are not much products yet, (importing products is slow) I want to temporarily hide the number of products shown in each category, is there a way to hide it in Davinci theme? Also, is there a way to set the order number so that it will start in...
  7. Hunor Barabas

    Unformatted Category Articles

    Hello! I have a problem with the article that can be written on the product category pages. No matter how I format it, the end result will be one big block of text. I find it really hard to read it this way. Is there (or will there be) a way to format that text properly? Thank you! Oh...
  8. SuperAgora

    Show category in URL with item.

    Hi everyone. is there a setting in WordPress or our plugin in order to show the category along with the product in the URL? Example : OR Thanks in advance for your time